Is Millie Bright Gay? Meet Her Partner!

Is Millie Bright Gay? Millie Bright is a 28 years old professional English football player who is well-known across the globe for her gameplay as a defender. She is currently playing for Chelsea and the England Crew.

The player has successfully won millions of hearts and it is the sole reason people have been so invested in her life and likes. Recently, there has been a rise in curiosity surrounding Millie Bright’s sexual orientation and love life.

Keep reading the article to uncover the secret behind the rumors and to know if Millie Bright gay and who is her current partner.

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Is Millie Bright Gay?

is millie bright gay

No, Millie Bright is not gay. The recent rumors about football players, especially women football players being gay sprung as a result of various players coming out of the closet to embrace their sexual identity. Millie Bright’s name came to the limelight recently regarding this case.

Close sources have confirmed that Millie Bright is not gay. She is straight. Although, yes, she supports the LGBTQ+ community and has been very supportive towards her friends and teammates who came out as gay or bisexual. She is the star of this year’s Women’s World Cup and has shown a preference for keeping her sexual identity and love interest away from the news and public eye.

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Who Is Millie Bright’s Partner?

is millie bright gay

Millie Bright, the shining star of Chelsea and England Crew, is currently dating Levi Crew. Levi Crew is another football player who has previously worked with Jordan Bird. Apart from this, Levi crew is currently the owner of LC Performance Coaching and the performance mentor. I mean, think about it, doesn’t it sound like- a match made in heaven?

The relationship the two players share first came into the spotlight when the two were posted together on Instagram. The pictures made the internet go crazy. The two have not yet confirmed their relationship but they are likely dating.