Is Mina Kimes Pregnant? The Truth Behind the Rumors!

American journalist, television personality, and podcast presenter Mina Kimes. Presently, she is a senior writer and on-air personality for ESPN, where she predominantly covers the NFL and writes features about football players and teams.

Kimes has also served as a regular panelist on ESPN’s debate program, “Around the Horn,” and is a co-host of ESPN’s daily sports discussion program, “Highly Questionable.” In addition, she is the host of the ESPN podcast “The Mina Kimes Show featuring Lenny” and has received numerous accolades, including a Sports Emmy, for her journalism.

How Did Mina Kimes Grow Up?

Is Mina Kimes Pregnant?

Mina Kimes was born in Omaha, Nebraska on September 8, 1985. Her engineer father is a Korean immigrant, and her nurse mother is Caucasian American. Kimes attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she majored in English and served as an editor for The Daily Nebraskan, the university’s student newspaper.

Kimes began her career as a business journalist after graduating from college, working for publications such as Fortune and Bloomberg News. Later, she transitioned to sports journalism, serving as a writer and editor for ESPN The Magazine before becoming a full-time on-air personality and writer for the network.

Is Mina Kimes Pregnant?

Is Mina Kimes Pregnant?

As our sources have verified, Mina Kimes is not pregnant. Neither official sources nor Mina herself has yet confirmed her pregnancy.

Due to Mina’s outgoing and candid disposition, her name is frequently associated with topics such as pregnancy in social media discussions. Even when the NFL analyst is not even relevant to the topic, he or she is matter-of-fact.

Therefore, the recent trending Twitter thread about Mina’s pregnancy is a hoax and not true.

Meet Mina’s Spouse

Is Mina Kimes Pregnant?

Nick Sylvester and Mina met through mutual acquaintances. According to Mina’s Instagram page, they began dating in 2012 and have maintained a robust relationship ever since. The wedding took place on September 19, 2015, in Philadelphia. Mina and Nick do not yet have children, but they co-parent their dog, Lenny.

Nick is less passionate about football than Mina. His mother, however, is an avid Eagles devotee. Mina expressed to The Philadelphia Inquirer:

“My spouse attended St. Joe’s Prep, which is located in Montgomeryville. My mother-in-law is a major Eagles fan, but he is not. She constantly sends me texts about the Eagles and her anxiety. She always wears her Wentz jersey.”

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Who Is Nick Sylvester?

Is Mina Kimes Pregnant?

Nick was born in Philadelphia, United States of America, and he possesses American citizenship. The names of his Christian and Caucasian ancestors are currently unavailable. Nick is the oldest of his parents’ five offspring. Regarding his parents, siblings, and boyhood, he has always been very quiet.

However, he has always been an intelligent child who enjoys music and has an interest in musical instruments, including drums. Nick attended a private school in the United States before enrolling and graduating from law school at Harvard University in Cambridge.

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Nick decided to pursue a career in music after graduating from Harvard Law School, but prior to his début in the entertainment industry, he worked in several other fields, including journalism. Then, he joined the well-known American music publication Pitchfork as the first writer of album and music reviews.

Sylvester is also the author of assessments for numerous bands, such as Soulwax, Love is All, Space Settings, Death from Above 1979, Man Man, Lil Wayne, and The Roots, among others.