Is Mollie Gallagher Pregnant? Exploring the Truth Behind the Recent Rumors and Insights!!

Is Mollie Gallagher Pregnant? Mollie Gallagher is most famous for acting in a very long TV show called Coronation Street. She often gets attention in the news because of her role in the show. 

But recently, there have been rumors about her being pregnant. Many people on the internet are talking about it and sharing this news. There are also many stories about the actress. 

So, Mollie Gallagher’s fans are very curious to know if she is actually pregnant. If you’re wondering the same thing, we’ll explain what’s really going on.

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Addressing the Speculation: Is Mollie Gallagher Pregnant?

is mollie gallagher pregnant

According to our information, Mollie Gallagher is not really pregnant. It seems people got confused because her character on the show might be pregnant, and that’s why there were rumors on social media.

As we mentioned, Coronation Street is the world’s longest-running TV show. Reports say that Mollie Gallagher started working on Coronation Street in 2019, and it’s been a few years since she’s been playing the role of Nina on the show. 

After two years, she even won an award. So, Mollie Gallagher is well-known for her part as Nina Lucas in the very popular ITV soap series. 

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Mollie Gallagher’s Love Life: Uncovering Her Relationship Status and Romantic Journey!!

is mollie gallagher pregnant

While on Coronation Street, Mollie had some big storylines. She played a part where her character was the target of a hate crime. 

She even won awards like the 2020 Inside Soap Awards for Best Newcomer, the Best Serial Drama Performance at the 2021 National Television Awards, and the 2021 Inside Soap Awards for Best Partnership.

As of now, Mollie is in a relationship with Dan Myers, who is a musician. He plays the guitar for a band called Inego, which is based in Manchester. 

They have been together for more than two years and share a fancy apartment in Manchester. Mollie often posts lovely pictures with Dan on her Instagram.