Is Mollie Hemingway Pregnant? Another Baby On The Way?

Is Mollie Hemingway Pregnant? Mollie Ziegler Hemingway is a senior editor at The Federalist and is known for her debating skills. Viewers can’t take their eyes off the screen when the “Lightning Rod”, as many describe her takes on the podium with strong arguments on topics like feminism and religious liberty.

It is only obvious for people to be curious about her personal and professional life. In this light, there has been a recent upsurge in curiosity about her family and possible pregnancy. The rumor claiming that Mollie Hemingway is pregnant began after viewers noticed a slight change in her physical appearance.

Keep reading the article to unravel the truth behind these rumors. Is Mollie Hemingway pregnant or is it a hoax?

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Is Mollie Hemingway Pregnant?

is mollie hemingway pregnant

No, Mollie Hemingway is not pregnant. As of now, there is no credible source suggesting that Mollie Hemingway is pregnant. The Federalist star has not yet addressed the rumors. We conducted a thorough research and her social media accounts too do not suggest anything pertaining to her pregnancy.

It is highly unlikely that a political commentator who has also appeared on Fox News is pregnant. Hence, it can be claimed that the rumors are false and Mollie Hemingway is not pregnant. The slight change in her physical appearance is due to the recent weight she has put on and is nowhere related to her pregnancy.

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Is Mollie Hemingway Married?

is mollie hemingway pregnant

Yes, Mollie Hemingway is married. The star tied the knot with Mark Hemingway, who is a senior writer for The Weekly Standard. The two have been in a happy marriage since 2006 and have two daughters together.

When asked about their relationship, the lovely pair revealed that they first met in Northern Virginia at Mark’s first job out of college. They turned their young love into a ‘forever love tale’ when they took vows at the Immanuel Lutheran Church on 15 September 2005.