Is Molly Qerim in a Relationship? A Closer Look at the Relationship Status of ESPN’s First Take Host!

Is Molly Qerim in a relationship? Molly Qerim, a prominent American television personality celebrated for her hosting roles on ESPN’s First Take, NFL Network’s NFL AM, and NFL Fantasy Live, has undoubtedly become a household name in sports broadcasting.

While she’s garnered immense recognition for her professional achievements, it’s no surprise that curiosity often extends beyond her career.

Many avid viewers and fans wonder about Molly Qerim’s relationship status. In this article, we delve into the intriguing question of whether this talented host is currently in a relationship, shedding light on the truth behind her personal life.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself pondering about Molly’s romantic endeavors, you’re in the right place – let’s uncover the details together.

Is Molly Qerim in a Relationship?

is molly qerim in a relationship

No, Molly Qerim is not in a relationship with anyone as of now, but she was previously married to Jalen Rose. On July 20, 2018, Qerim tied the knot with Jalen Rose, a fellow ESPN host and former NBA player.

Rose and Qerim were separated for approximately a year when Rose filed for divorce, as reported by TMZ Sports in December 2021.

Jalen Rose claimed that he and Molly had an amicable breakup. In an interview with GQ Rose said:

“In my personal relationship, it was laughable to me, to see [Molly Qerim] and I mutually part ways, be in accord about why we’re parting ways, and still see people speculating on why. Not only speculating — in particular saying it was because her and Stephen A. Smith had a relationship.”

While Jalen acknowledged that the rumors disturbed him, there is no doubt that this was not the reason he and his ex-wife called it quits. That’s not to argue that the two aren’t experiencing something.

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Are Molly Qerim and Stephen A. Smith Dating?

is molly qerim in a relationship

No, Molly Qerim and Stephen A. Smith are not dating. The rumors surrounding Molly Qerim and Stephen A. Smith’s alleged romantic involvement have been circulating in the sports world for quite some time now.

However, it’s important to note that there is no concrete evidence to support these claims. Both Qerim and Smith, who co-host ESPN’s “First Take,” have remained tight-lipped about any romantic relationship.

These rumors have even gone as far as suggesting that their supposed relationship played a role in Jalen Rose and Molly Qerim’s divorce. Yet, it’s essential to set the record straight: there is no factual basis for these speculations.

Earlier this year, a parody account added fuel to the fire, fooling many by falsely reporting that Smith and Qerim were indeed dating.

They even fabricated a humorous quote attributed to Smith. Unfortunately, some fell for this ruse, but it’s vital to remember that their only connection is a professional one—they work together.

Jalen Rose, Molly Qerim’s ex-husband, addressed these rumors in a 2022 interview, making it clear that their split had nothing to do with any alleged relationship between Qerim and Smith.

In terms of Stephen A. Smith’s personal life, he’s been quite private. He has mentioned having two daughters in the past, without revealing their mother. He was once engaged, but that relationship didn’t work out.

As of now, 55-year-old Stephen A. Smith is single and has expressed a desire to get married someday. He’s shared this hope on his podcast, indicating his eagerness to find the right person to share his life with.

While fans may jest that he’s already married to his career at ESPN, many genuinely hope he finds love and happiness in the future.

Whether or not Molly Qerim is a part of that equation, one thing is clear: the dating rumors remain baseless without any substantial evidence to support them.