Is Moriah Elizabeth Pregnant? Moriah Elizabeth’s Pregnancy Reveal: What to Expect?

Moriah Elizabeth is a famous American youtube star. She was born on 14 November 1994. Moriah is 29 years old. The star is renowned for her influencing talent, artistic work and content creation. She has been an internet celebrity and follows up as an entrepreneur from California, united states.

The famous youtube star is also known for her DIY and for creating videos on youtube. Moriah has gained 6.5 million subscribers on youtube’s official page. As an artist, she always proves to follow up with arts and crafts. In her videos, you can find her giving helpful information about herself.

Is Moriah Elizabeth Pregnant?

is moriah elizabeth pregnant

No, Moriah Elizabeth is not pregnant. According to the sources, she revealed that she has a child in her recent video. A daughter who is ten months couldn’t indicate that she is pregnant to the public. Moriah was too scared to face all the comments and reactions of the people. The new video was released on her official YouTube channel, titled “There is something I want to tell you”.

That video explains the news that came regarding her pregnancy. She was not ready to face the public and gave all that time to her baby. Also, Moriah reveals her daughter in the video, and that concludes the question about her pregnancy which is no. In the same video, she also talks about the marriage that happened eight years back. She was too young to marry, and she was 19. Her husband’s name is Jordan.

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Moriah Elizabeth’s Youtube Career

On Moriah Elizabeth’s youtube channel, you can find many videos related to many topics. Earlier, she used to create funny videos and vlogs. Moriah used to create mini-series of her own and uploads them on youtube so that small children would love them. She was very famous among a small group of children. She is renowned for her most famous series, “Squishy Makeovers: Fixing Your Squishes”.

The series crossed nearly over a Million views. Another thing you can see on her youtube channel is that she makes DIY crafts for kids and adults. She is famous for her DIY crafts. She posted some of her recent DIY crafts work in her social media post. And she revealed that she makes her crafts out of her imagination.

In August 2021, her channel crossed over 6.55 million subscribers. She has created a separate room or studio for making DIY videos. Moriah knows how to connect with people, and she does that quickly. She is excellent with kids and also with adults.

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Moriah Elizabeths Net Worth

is moriah elizabeth pregnant

As mentioned earlier, Moriah is also a fashion influencer who creates internet content. She also provides various hoodies, t-shirts, backpacks and other school items. Most of the things are made by herself and are a good source of income. Moriah has a net worth of $6-8 million. She is a content creator and also has different sponsors with her. She also gets paid by her sponsors.

Moriah also gets paid through different endorsements and collaborations. In the united states of America, people are very fond of her squishes, and even she plays with her. There have been many different collaborations in which she has taken part. She has been collaborating with different YouTubers to promote her channel. Moriah also has a fashion brand, which is a source o income.

Moriah helps people by guiding them about different places and letting them know all the details. Being an influencer and giving all this content online helps her earn a good amount of money.