Is Myles Turner Gay? Wearing Unique Outfit at Summer League Raises Eyebrows!

Is Myles Turner gay? Myles Turner, the Indiana Pacers’ star center, is currently trending on social media after drawing criticism for his attire and seating position during the Pacers vs. Wizards Summer League game on Saturday.

Turner was spotted sitting courtside with his legs crossed, sporting a pink ascot, loafers, and knee-high leggings. He is believed to be a closeted gay man by many.

Myles Turner, is he actually gay? Or are these rumors just untrue? To find out the truth about the basketball player’s sexual orientation, let’s jump right in and read the article.

Is Myles Turner Gay?

is myles turner gay

No, Myles Turner is not gay. Some observers questioned if Turner was attempting to make a fashion statement or a personal revelation due to his peculiar choice of attire and stance.

Turner’s appearance on social media led some people to speculate that he could be gay since they thought he appeared a little feminine.

Others supported Turner’s freedom of expression and applauded his self-assurance and sense of style. Some even made the sarcastic claim that Turner was imitating the flamboyant fashion sense of Prince or Andre 3000, two well-known artists.

However, many people are speculating more than ever about which NBA players could be in the closet and are too frightened to come out as a result of the Jalen Green scenario.

People began to speculate that he was coming out since he purportedly posted a picture of himself in the same outfit on Instagram, which has since been deleted. Turner has not responded to the claims that he is gay or about his attire.

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Who Is Myles Turner Dating?

is myles turner gay

Myles Turner is not dating anyone at the moment. According to the online reports and his Instagram, there are no signs which could hint at his significant other.

We hope he would share the relationship news as well because he is quite forthcoming about his family and parents.

Myles has not confirmed anything, but he is connected to Franchesca, a Puerto Rican international celebrity. His social media channels likewise show nothing, although he never verified anything.

According to reports, he dated Juliette Perkins in 2017. The two frequently appeared together and even posted photos of one another on social media.

However, there are no reports of them being together now, and their relationship appears to have terminated at some time.

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For the time being, it is reasonable to assume that he is only dating his job, putting all of his love and attention into basketball, his first passion, and spending every free moment on the court.