Is Navid Sole Gay? Unveiling the Sexuality Big Boss 17 Contestant!

Is Navid Sole gay? Former ‘The Apprentice’ star Navid Sole has made quite a splash in the world of reality television, stepping into the spotlight as a 29-year-old pharmacist.

Since his stint on the BBC One business show in 2022, Sole has ventured into a variety of reality shows, including ‘Rich Kids Go Skint,’ ‘Eating With My Ex,’ and ‘Celebs Go Dating.’ Now, he’s taken on the challenge of ‘Bigg Boss 17,’ joining a diverse cast that includes other notable personalities.

As he entered the Bigg Boss house, Sole candidly discussed his potential language barriers, particularly with the Hindi dialect.

Despite hailing from London, this season’s ‘Bigg Boss 17’ won’t be gracing UK screens due to contractual reasons, but the curiosity around Navid Sole, particularly regarding his sexual orientation, has piqued the interest of many. So, if you’re wondering about this TV personality’s truth, read on to find out more.

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Is Navid Sole Gay?

is navid sole gay

Navid Sole identifies as bisexual. The 29-year-old Television personality has been refreshingly candid about his dating life and sexuality.

During a Celebs Go Dating launch event, the TV personality openly shared that he identifies as bisexual. Navid’s journey on the show included dating individuals of both genders, as he embarked on a quest to explore his preferences.

In an interview with The Sun, he mentioned, “I’m very open-minded and I just wanted to explore what I like. I feel like with this process I got to learn more about what I like.”

When asked about the challenges of opening up about his sexuality, Navid explained, “My sexuality is not something I really spoke about on my social media platform, even when I did other TV shows.”:

This revelation might come as a surprise to many of his viewers who had assumptions about his orientation. Navid added:

“I get questions on Instagram asking me if I am gay, but I never answer it. So, now they really get to see what I’m like, what I’m into, and just seeing what my choices are.”

Navid’s journey on the show proved transformative for him, as he shared, “It’s been a rollercoaster of a journey with the whole show, ups and downs, a different environment.”

Interestingly, he revealed that he had never been in a relationship before and was still a virgin, making his dating experiences on the show all the more significant.

Navid’s openness about his journey provides viewers with a unique and valuable insight into his life and the complexities of discovering one’s true self.

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Who Is Navid Sole Dating?

is navid sole gay

As of now, Navid Sole is not dating anyone. In fact, he’s been quite open about his lack of dating history. He has mentioned that he’s a virgin and has never been in a relationship in the past.

There were some rumors circulating about a potential date with Capital XTRA’s Will Njobvu, but it seems those rumors were simply a misunderstanding.

According to MailOnline, Will’s representatives said it wasn’t a romantic date but rather a casual lunch, dispelling any romantic connections between the two. So, at the moment, Navid Sole’s dating life remains quite a blank slate.