Is Nelly Furtado Pregnant? Nelly Furtado’s Possible Return to Motherhood!!

Is Nelly Furtado Pregnant? Nelly Furtado is a famous singer-songwriter who has won Grammy awards and is known all around the world for her music. But besides her music career, she’s also found a lot of happiness in being a mom. 

In 2023, she’s a proud mother of three kids: one daughter who is 19 years old and two younger children who are four and five years old. She prefers to keep their names private.

Because she values her privacy, people often wonder if she’s pregnant again. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at her journey as both a mother and an artist.

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Is Nelly Furtado Pregnant? A Detailed Exploration of The Ongoing Rumors!!

No, Nelly Furtado is not pregnant. Despite what some of her fans believe, Nelly Furtado hasn’t officially said she’s pregnant. People started talking about this when they saw a picture of her having dinner with someone and thought they saw a baby bump.

But, we should keep in mind that fans can get really excited about internet rumors. There’s no solid proof that she’s expecting a baby right now.

Nelly Furtado has often been the center of rumors because she’s famous, but most of these rumors seem to be just people talking without any real evidence. So, until she says something or there’s some concrete proof, it’s best not to jump to conclusions.

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A Candid Look at Her Body Transformation and The Media’s Obsession with Weight!!

is nelly furtado pregnant

When Nelly Furtado performed at the OVO Fest in 2022, her fans were surprised to see that she had gained some weight compared to before. It seems like she has been gradually putting on weight.

While this is happening, many people think it’s just a natural part of getting older for her. Gaining weight as you age is something that happens to many people, and it’s not necessarily bad.

Fans have supported her throughout her career, and they continue to do so, showing that they appreciate her for more than just her looks.

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What Led to Nelly Furtado’s Period of Absence from The Spotlight?

is nelly furtado pregnant

Nelly Furtado stepped away from music and the public eye in 2006 because she had a difficult time and felt very overwhelmed. She expressed her feelings with Daily Mail, saying:

“I had a nervous breakdown on stage. I was on the Loose tour [2007] and my daughter was with me – I was being a mum and a singer on the road. I was exhausted.”

“Then one night I went on stage and I suddenly realized how stressed out I was. I actually cried my way through the first two songs. I took a break from music and went home. And I realized that being at home and having the whole family experience was what I was seeking.”

She explained that she became extremely famous very fast, and it was too much for her to handle. She added further:

“It was too much too soon. After two years of intense touring and partying, I’d spend hours alone in my LA home, just staring at the floor. I felt like a fraud, believing that people liked me for my image and not my music.”

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Nelly Furtado’s Musical Resurgence: Her Return to The Music Industry!!

is nelly furtado pregnant

In 2009, Nelly Furtado released an “Mi Plan” album in Spanish. Then, in 2012, she released another album called “The Spirit Indestructible.” After that, she took a break from making music for five years.

During those five years, she traveled and did a lot of charity work with an organization called Save The Children.

In 2017, she put out an album called “The Ride” on her own record label. Unfortunately, it didn’t sell many copies in the first week, only 1,814 in the US.

After releasing this album independently in 2017, it seems unlikely that Nelly Furtado will go back to making popular mainstream music.

She decided to start her own record label because she strongly believed that artists should have control over the master recordings of their songs. This is an issue that Taylor Swift has also talked about a lot. In an interview with Forbes, she mentioned:

“Becoming independent and owning this new record has been very pivotal for me because I’m able to own everything that I sing.”

But Nelly Furtado made her fans very happy when she unexpectedly showed up at Drake’s concert at OVO Fest in Toronto on July 30. The rapper asked the fellow Canadian singer to join him on stage; it seemed like this was her first public performance in a long time. Drake introduced her to the audience, saying: 

“This right here took a lot … this next person’s music changed my life so much. I love her with all my heart so when she comes out here you better show her some f**king love too.”