Is Niall Horan Gay? Singer’s Allyship with the LGBT Community Sparks Speculation!

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Is Niall Horan Gay?

The persistent online rumors regarding the sexual orientation of One Direction’s members are nothing new. One of the members of 1D, the Irish singer Niall Horan, has been rumored to be gay.

Are all the rumors real, though? Has Niall Horan ever dated a man? Or are these just unfounded rumors? Read this article to learn everything there is to know about the sexual orientation of the 1D member!

Is Niall Horan Gay?

Is Niall Horan Gay?

No, Niall Horan Is Not Gay. Niall has a reputation for supporting and loving the LGBTQ+ community. His sexuality has been the subject of numerous rumors because of this. As Niall has only ever dated women in his previous relationships, it is clear that he has never dated a gay person.

So, it is very clear that the band member from 1D is heterosexual and not gay. Despite all the speculation, none of the One Direction members have actually come out as gay.

Although the band members always appeared to be close, there have been rumors that they are all gay. But their bond was what caused their closeness. They don’t necessarily have to be gay despite that.

Niall is well known for his ardent advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, which has led some to speculate that he is gay. However, just because someone supports the LGBTQ+ community does not imply that they themselves are a part of it.

Even those who are straight and not part of the LGBTQ+ community can choose to love and support them. One of them is unquestionably Niall Horan.

Because of people who hold incorrect views and merely wish to stir up animosity, several reports about the singer are currently making the rounds. In fact, it shouldn’t matter to anyone if he were gay, because Niall ought to be recognized for his abilities rather than his sexual orientation.

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Who Is Niall Horan Dating?

Is Niall Horan Gay?

Amelia Woolley and The Voice coach, Niall Horan have been dating since the beginning of 2020, but they have primarily kept their romance private.

At the singer’s Horan & Rose Gala in September 2021, Horan and Woolley made their public entrance. Many fans assumed that Horan’s new song, “Heaven,” was inspired by their relationship when it was released in February 2023.

Niall Horan’s Dating History

Holly Scally

Is Niall Horan Gay?

When Horan joined The X Factor in 2010, Holly Scally and he were already dating. They reportedly split up a month after his appearance on the show.

Amy Green

Is Niall Horan Gay?

During a night out in London in 2012, Niall Horan, and Amy Green, a theater student, were seen walking arm in arm, igniting relationship speculations. They didn’t discuss their relationship at the time, but they did get back together years later. In June 2015, they were seen leaving the Libertine nightclub with Louis Tomlinson.

Ellie Goulding

Is Niall Horan Gay?

A brief relationship between the “Love Me Like You Do” singer and Horan in 2013 rapidly led to rumors that Goulding had dumped Ed Sheeran in favor of the “This Town” singer. Goulding revealed to Seventeen a year later that she and Horan were still good friends.

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Selena Gomez

Is Niall Horan Gay?

Gomez and Horan were reportedly seen kissing at Jenna Dewan’s birthday celebration in December 2015, according to Us Weekly. An eyewitness told Us at the time that Niall and Selena were “saw kissing in the center of the club, in front of everyone,” adding that the couple spent the entire evening together.

The following several weeks saw the two of them out and about quite a bit, but Gomez later admitted to Entertainment Tonight that they were just pals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Niall Horan

Who is Niall Horan?

Niall James Horan is a singer-songwriter from Ireland. As a member of the boy band One Direction, which was created in 2010 on the singing competition The X Factor, he gained notoriety.

Is Niall Horan Gay?

No, Niall Horan is not gay.

Who Is Niall Horan’s Boyfriend?

Niall Horan is a straight man and hasn’t dated any men before.

Who Is Niall Horan’s Girlfriend?

Since the beginning of 2020, Niall Horan has been seeing Amelia Woolley, though they have primarily kept their romance private. At the singer’s Horan & Rose Gala in September 2021, Horan and Woolley made their public entrance. Many fans assumed that Horan’s new song, “Heaven,” was inspired by their relationship when it was released in February 2023.

Is Niall Horan Dating Shawn Mendes?

No, despite having a long history of friendship, both of them are straight. Since Niall frequently posts photos of Shawn on his Instagram account, there is speculation that the two are dating. But, they are not romantically involved.

Why Did Niall Horan Split With One Direction?

According to Pink Villa, Niall Horan disclosed the primary reason why One Direction chose to disband in 2015 in order to concentrate on separate careers.

Did Niall Horan Win a Grammy?

As of March 2023, Niall Horan hasn’t won any Grammys.

Is Niall Horan Still Friends With His Bandmates?

It appears that Liam, Louis, and Niall are still close friends who communicate frequently; Liam and Louis probably more so. Niall revealed that he and Louis frequented each other’s homes in Los Angeles shortly after the band disbanded.

What Is The Net Worth of Niall Horan?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Niall Horan has an estimated net worth of $70 million.

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