Is Nick Grimshaw Gay? Unraveling the Mystery Behind DJ’s Sexuality!

Is Nick Grimshaw gay? Nicholas Peter Andrew “Nick” Grimshaw, a.k.a. Grimmy, is an English author, podcaster, and television and radio broadcaster. He rose to fame as a host of several BBC Radio 1 programs.

Due to his work on Channel 4’s T4 and The Album Chart Show, he is also well-known as a television presenter. He served as a judge on The X Factor’s twelfth season in 2015.

Since the former BBC Radio 1 singer revealed his wedding plans, a lot of people have been curious about who he is marrying, which has led to more conjecture about his sexual orientation with many believing he is gay.

So, is Nick Grimshaw gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the presenter’s sexual orientation.

Is Nick Grimshaw Gay?

is nick grimshaw gay

Yes, Nick Grimshaw is a proud gay man. According to Nick Grimshaw, he discovered he was gay after seeing a photo of a wet David Beckham in a football magazine.

The ex-BBC Radio 1 DJ found out he fancied same-sex when he came upon a sultry photo of the now-retired football player from his childhood.

The 39-year-old claimed that while trying to learn more about the game of football, he ended up discovering something surprising about himself. He admitted

“I flicked through and it felt unnatural for me to be reading about football. But then I turned a page and saw something that struck me,’ he confessed.”

‘It was a black-and-white photo of a wet David Beckham. Seeing Beckham was like seeing the northern lights.’

He told the publication, “I thought David was the perfect representation of a man and me realise that I fancy men.”

Nick had to refute “weird” dating rumors involving him and his closest friend Harry Styles a few years prior. The former One Direction member and the presenter have been friends for a long time.

Nick claimed that when doing research for an upcoming interview with Harry on his 2017 debut solo album, he was taken aback to learn of fan theories suggesting a romantic relationship between the two.

After the two “really got on” when they first met, Nick thinks rumors began, and he says people frequently make assumptions about 28-year-old Harry’s sexual orientation.

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Nick Grimshaw Partner: Who Is He Engaged To?

is nick grimshaw gay

Nick Grimshaw got engaged to model and dancer Meshach “Mesh” Henry in March 2022. They have two dogs and reside in North London.

Nothing has been done by Nick Grimshaw to organize his wedding. The 39-year-old DJ became engaged to dancer and model Meshach Henry eighteen months ago.

Despite their initial desire to tie the knot right away, the “Celebrity Gogglebox” star acknowledged that they aren’t keeping up with the arrangements.

When asked how the wedding plans were going, he said to Heat Magazine,

“They’re so not. We got engaged last January and we were like, ‘Right, in a month, we’ll have an engagement party and then we’ll just get married next summer.’

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“We didn’t have an engagement party and now it’s next summer,” stated Nick Grimshaw. “I don’t want to be one of those people who goes on about it for ages and ages. I want to put a day in and just do it.”

Additionally, Nick Grimshaw is adamant about keeping the big day’s preparations simple. “I want to do it in the easiest way possible,” he declared.

I don’t want to make a stress of it and I don’t want planning a wedding to be my personality for the next five years. It’s not worth it. People just want to eat, drink, and have a nice time.”