Is Nick Swardson Gay? Sarcastic “Marry Me…” Tweets to Male Stars Fuels Gay Rumors!

Is Nick Swardson gay? Nick Swardson, the star of Grandma’s Boy, is well known for his “I’m not gay but” and “marry me” tweets, in which he asks his male coworkers in the entertainment business to wed him.

The celebrity also made headlines after posting a photo of a Tweet on Instagram about his choice to settle down and how the quarantine had affected it.

So is Nick Swardson really gay? Or all of these were jokes? Let’s not waste time and dive straight into the article to find out the truth about Nick Swardson’s sexuality.

Is Nick Swardson Gay?

is nick swardson gay

No, Nick Swardson is not gay. Swardson has been linked to several LGBTQ rumors because he chose to keep his personal life and dating history hidden from the media’s prying eyes.

The 44-year-old isn’t hesitant to make jokes about his sexuality, though. When asked to provide a startling fact about himself in an interview with Punk Globe, Swardson quipped that he had been blissfully married to Sir Elton John for 30 years.

When questioned about his sexuality in the same interview, the actor joked that it was gray.

The comedian has also posted multiple “I’m not gay but…” tweets in which he discusses his non-homosexuality and his desire to have sex with his male Hollywood coworkers.

The comedian claimed to be not gay in one of these posts but added:

I’m not gay but if Channing Tatum wanted to make cookies and braid each other’s hair naked. Might have to sign up for that.”

Additionally, he included Eric Decker in a post by tagging him:

I’m NOT gay at all. Not gay but if Eric Decker wants to have a hot tub wrestling match on Cialis. I’m f*cking down brah.”

The comic has also posted several “Marry me” and “I’m not gay” tweets. He once tagged Kyle Rudolph, a player for his beloved Minnesota Vikings, and proposed to him.

is nick swardson gay

The comedian said he was straight and refuted the wrong sexuality claims in an interview with Impose Magazine.

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Does Nick Swardson Have a Wife?

is nick swardson gay

Nick Swardson has never been married. But during the COVID-19 quarantine, Swardson’s once posted something on Instagram that everyone found interesting.

The piece spoke about how the lockout wrecked the idea of settling down before quarantine.

Before the quarantine, he seemed to desire to marry and establish a family. But following the lockout, all he wanted to do was go to Key West by himself and set up home there.

The comedian was definitely making a joke when he compared his thinking before and after quarantine.

is nick swardson gay

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In contrast to the quarantine message, the comedian had previously indicated his aversion to marriage in one of his tweets. In his tweet, he explained why he didn’t want to get married.

He didn’t want to age with his wife and witness her sporting “that short, awkward, Peter Pan haircut.”