Is Nicola Thorp Pregnant? Is Former Coronation Star Expecting?

Is Nicola Thorp pregnant? Nicola Thorp is an English actress, TV host, writer, and activist known for playing Nicola Rubinstein on the ITV soap series Coronation Street (2017–2019). She has also written for the newspaper Metro and the shows This Morning and The Talk.

Because of her case against actor Laurence Fox, which got a lot of attention, people want to know about Nicola Thorp’s personal life and have a lot of ideas about it. So, there are reports going around the Internet that Nicola Thorp is pregnant.

So, is it true that Nicola Thorp is pregnant? Or do these stories have no truth to them? Let’s just get to the point and read the story to find out if the actress is pregnant or not.

Is Nicola Thorp Pregnant?

is nicola thorp pregnant

No, Nicola Thorp is not pregnant. There is currently no credible information to suggest that Nicola Thorp is pregnant.

The rumors circulating about her pregnancy appear to be unfounded, as there has been no official announcement or indication from her regarding an impending pregnancy.

Even after a thorough examination of her social media accounts, no substantial evidence, such as a noticeable baby bump or other pregnancy-related hints, can be found.

It’s important to note that the former Coronation Street star has never had a child in real life and has not been pregnant.

While she did portray a pregnancy storyline on Coronation Street, where her character Nicola Rubinstein became pregnant after a one-night stand with Gary

However, it is important to note that this is a fictional storyline and not reflective of her real-life circumstances.

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Who Is Nicola Thorp Dating?

is nicola thorp pregnant

Nicola Thorp is currently dating Nikesh Patel. In Celebrity Hunted, Nicola Thorp and Nikesh Patel are on the run together. They got engaged earlier this year and said they were going to live together.

In October 2021, when Nikesh’s birthday was coming up, Nicola shared a photo of the two of them looking happy together. This was the first time she said she was dating Nikesh.

Nicola shared a blurry picture of the two of them in a series of photos and wrote, “A very happy birthday to @inikeshpatel. We love you so much!

Since they told their fans they were dating, they’ve shared a bunch of cute photos of them on vacation, with friends, or at home.

Things have been getting better and better since then. In January of this year, the couple posted a picture on Instagram showing off the beautiful ring and how happy they were to be together.

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Sharing the picture, they stood in front of a mountain of balloons with shocked expressions, Nicola in a beautiful red dress and Nikesh in a white shirt and black bow tie.

Nicola pointed her ring finger at the camera, and it showed her beautiful new ring, which had an emerald in the middle and diamonds around it.

In the second picture, Nicola had her hand on Nikesh’s chest as they took in the news and smiled. They both looked very happy.