Is Nigel Harman Gay? EastEngers’ Dennis Rickman Revealed His Tiny Secret?

Is Nigel Harman Gay? Nigel Harman, better known as EastEnders Dennis Rickman (the son of Paula Rickman and villain DirtyDen) is back on the headlines of international news. The English actor is well known for his contribution to television, as well as the film industry, and has worked on some big projects.

He is widely known for the BBC soap opera EastEnders and recently has joined the cast of Casualty, a medical drama. There is a recent uproar about Nigel Harman being gay. Keep reading the article to know if it is just a rumor or if there is some sort of truth behind it.

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Is Nigel Harman Gay?

is nigel harman gay

No, Nigel Harman is not gay. The question regarding Harman being gay has never been discussed in public by him or his close ones. The star has always been a private person who likes to keep his personal life away from the spotlight.

There is no credible source that confirms or denies that Nigel Harman is gay. Moreover, the only fact known about the BBC soap opera EastEnders‘ star’s romantic relationship has been the one with his wife.

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Is Nigel Harman Married?

is nigel harman gay

Yes, Nigel Harman is married to Lucy Liemann. The couple has been so in love for more than ten years. A decade has passed since the two began dating and it would be a lie if we say they did not make us jealous with their couple goals.

The two tied the knot in 2011 and became parents to a beautiful angel in 2012. Information about their daughter is kept under curtains for privacy reasons. The two believe in keeping their family life away from the glam.