Is Nikita on Strictly Gay? Pairing up With Gay Man in ‘Strictly Come Dancing 2023’ Spark Speculations!

Is Nikita on Strictly gay? With the exciting news of the upcoming season of Strictly Come Dancing, all eyes have turned to Nikita Kuzmin, the talented Ukrainian dancer and choreographer.

Known for his impressive career, including his participation in Let’s Dance and Strictly Come Dancing, as well as his collection of 6 Italian Championship titles, Nikita has always been in the spotlight.

However, this season’s revelation that he is paired with same-sex partners has sparked curiosity and discussion about his sexuality, with many wondering if Nikita on Strictly is gay.

In this article, we’ll delve into the topic and explore the facts and speculations surrounding this talented dancer’s personal life.

Is Nikita on Strictly Gay?

is nikita on strictly gay

No, Nikita Kuzmin is not gay. The recent rumors about Nikita Kuzmin’s sexuality have been circulating due to the exciting announcement that Season 21 of Strictly Come Dancing will feature another same-sex pairing, with Nikita being partnered with the openly gay dancer Layton Williams.

However, it’s essential to clarify that Nikita’s inclusion in this pairing isn’t an indication of his own sexual orientation. Nikita has a history of dating women in the past, which is a clear testament to his heterosexual orientation.

While the show celebrates diversity and inclusivity, Nikita’s partnership with Layton is primarily a testament to their dance chemistry and expertise rather than an insight into his personal life.

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Who Is Nikita Kuzmin Dating?

is nikita on strictly gay

Nikita Kuzmin is dating Charlie Backshall. Star of Strictly Come Dancing Nikita Kuzmin revealed earlier this year that he is in a romantic relationship with Charlie Backshall after they were photographed strolling hand in hand through a leafy neighborhood in northwest London.

The couple was initially spotted together in public in December of last year, but today is the first time they have been spotted together.

Charlie Backshall is an Australian TikTok celebrity who was born in Perth. The 21-year-old hosts the sex podcast The Hotline, where she discusses her 20s with Blake, Jack, and George of Sizzle Reel.

Charlie revealed that she is dating someone in a December episode, adding that they chose to keep their relationship discreet because her boyfriend is well-known.

The Australian social media celebrity deleted her podcast page and TikTok account when it was proven that she and her partner were dating. Initially, the duo kept their relationship a secret.

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Exploring Nikita Kuzmin’s Dating History

is nikita on strictly gay

Nikita, 25, had a long-term relationship with professional dancer Nicole Wirt before he fell in love with Charlie. Nicole is a professional dancer and choreographer, just like her ex-boyfriend.

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, the performer participated in the Here Come The Boys UK tour in the summer of 2022, performing with Nikita and several other Strictly dancers such as Graziano di Prima, Pasha Kovalev, and Nadiya Bychkova.

Two months before Nikita’s relationship with Charlie was initially made public at the end of last year, it is believed that the couple made the decision to part ways.

Although not much else is known about Nikita’s dating past, since making his Strictly debut, there have been a number of rumors around his romantic life.

Rumors circulated during the most recent season of the BBC show that the dancer, who competed with Paralympic Gold Medallist Ellie Simmonds, was seeing CBBC contestant and star Molly Rainford.

Prior to now, Nikita was the subject of relationship rumors on Strictly. His close friendship with Tilly Ramsay, the celebrity partner he would be dating in 2021, fueled rumors that the two could get romantically involved.

But the social media star dispelled the rumors by admitting that she was seeing someone in November of last year.