Is Noel Deyzel Gay? Here’s What Netizens Think About The Bodybuilder’s Sexuality

Bodybuilder Noel Deyzal is once again in the news. Whether Noel is gay is a subject of debate among the fitness personality’s followers. If you’re looking for the answer as well, don’t worry, we have got you covered in this article!

Is Noel Deyzel Gay?

Is Noel Deyzel Gay?


Yes, Noel Deyzel is Gay. Noel Deyzel Revealed That He Is Gay In an Interview With YouTuber Derek that came out on October 31, 2021. The TikTok sensation, Noel, also received a lot of love and support from his fans on social media.

One of his fans even commented saying

“Noel is more masculine than every homophobe put together, lol, respect.”

The fitness personality is praised by his followers for shattering traditional masculinity norms. Noel also had to deal with homophobic hate on social media. But in comparison to the LGBTQ+ community’s love and support, the hostility was insignificant.

One of the bodybuilder’s fans, who is also known to be gay, shared his thoughts on Noel opening up about his sexuality:

“As a gay dude that also doesn’t quite fit into the LGBTQ+ community or have the “gay” personality. Noel is such an inspiration for me. Seriously it means a lot that he is open and accepted. Gives me hope. Mad respect”

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Noel Deyzle And His Internet Fan Base

Noel Deyzel is 6.2 feet tall and weighs 130 kgs. As of 2023, he will be 37 years old.

Noel Deyzel also took part in the 2019 Mr. Gay World competition. Despite not taking home the crown, he was still able to make a successful career out of his short workout videos on TikTok.

Most people know Noel from his short workout videos.

As of February 2023, the bodybuilder has over 7 million followers on TikTok, 3 million subscribers, and 3.4 million followers on Instagram.

The Internet star posts his fitness tips every single day across all his social media platforms. Noel assists his followers in accomplishing their goals in a very practical way.

“If you have a goal, don’t throw yourself in the deep end and create unrealistic expectations for yourself🤞🏻make small changes every day, cut out stuff that isn’t good. These changes add up and before you know it you’ll be where you want to be!👏🏻💪🏻”

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What Is Noel Deyzel’s Net Worth?

Is Noel Deyzel Gay?


According to Wiki of Celebs, Noel has a net worth of $1 million.

Noel Deyzel continues to serve as a role model for the LGBTQ+ community, in addition to inspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

One of the bodybuilders who is the greatest at helping you start a fitness regimen is Noel. He continues to provide his followers with authentic motivation.