Is Oliver Stark Gay? 9-1-1 Star’s Sexuality Revealed!

Is Oliver Stark Gay? Oliver Stark, better known as Evan “Buck” Buckley, the most loved character of FOX’s action series 9-1-1, is on the top of the Google searches yet again. The character he is playing has won millions of hearts and is definitely one of the reasons we can’t keep our eyes off the television even for a second whenever he appears on the screen.

The character of Evan Buckley is shown dealing with hypersexuality in the series. This was the case in the first season, which takes another turn in the second season, leaving fans curious about the sexual orientation of Buck. Fans of Oliver Stark are now curious about his sexuality off-screen. Is there a similarity between the two in reality?

Keep reading the article to uncover the reality behind Evan Buck’s off-screen sexuality. Is Oliver Stark gay or if it was just for the role?

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Is Oliver Stark Gay?

is oliver stark gay

No, Oliver Stark is not gay. The actor plays a character in the blockbuster FOX series 9-1-1 who may be described as someone trying to find his own self and his sexual identity. However, that is not the case with the real Evan Buck, Oliver Stark.

Reel Evan Buck may have formed an endearing companionship with Edmundo “Eddie” Diaz, but that is far from the reality of Oliver Stark. The rumors are just a part of fantasies created by fans.

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Who Is Oliver Stark Dating?

is oliver stark gay

Oliver Stark is currently in a relationship with Hannah Gottesman who is also an actress and model. She has appeared as Sovereign Chambermaid in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Stark talked about his relationship with Hannah in March 2018 with People Magazine where he revealed that the two had met on Instagram and further became an official couple when Stark relocated to L.A.

 “I lied to my parents and told them I had met her before. Basically, I’d been stalking her for about an entire year, liking photos — totally creepy. And then eventually she followed me back. But I still didn’t want to message her because I was like, there’s no way for a guy to message a girl on social media without sounding creepy. Eventually, she sent me a message and said, ‘Are you going to like my photos or are you going to say hello?’”