Vernon Winfrey, the Father of Oprah Winfrey, Passes Away at 89!

While the talk show host’s team has addressed the death hoax, the question of whether or not Oprah Winfrey is still alive persists. Please read on to learn the origins of the story, the status of Oprah Winfrey’s health, and the status of her family life, including whether or not she is a mother.

The rumor that Oprah Winfrey had died has been debunked.

The rumor that Oprah Winfrey had died has been debunked.

Users first started receiving texts with the message “RIP Oprah” and a link asking them to confirm the news of Oprah’s death. Many viewers of the show probably thought something had occurred to the host after hearing the message. Some others even went on social media to talk about it.

Oprah, on the other hand, is very much still with us. You should ignore the message since it is probably a hoax.

Where Does She Go from Here?

Oprah’s social media participation has been moderate. The TV anchor frequently retweets a few select tweets that she finds personally meaningful. But she hasn’t posted anything on Instagram in a while.

After her father Vernon Winfrey’s death in early July, that was the final thing she wrote online. Oprah paid tribute to her late father by reminiscing about the happy times they had spent.

The film adaptation of Oprah’s life has also kept her busy. The role of Oprah will be played by Quinta Brunson.

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Perhaps Oprah Winfrey has passed away.

It’s safe to say that Oprah Winfrey is still very much with us. Oprah Winfrey is 68 years old and in excellent health. As said, however, rumors circulated that she had died (see “Oprah Winfrey dead or alive?” and “Oprah Winfrey’s death hoaxes,” respectively). She was supposedly murdered in 2008 as well.

That meant this wasn’t an isolated incident. She declared in an interview between 2010 and 2011 that she “Thought She’d Die at 56.” Representatives for Oprah Winfrey have issued a statement to put the record straight in response to the latest rumor that has been circulating:

She’s the latest high-profile victim of this con. Do not trust everything you read on the internet; she is fine.

Death of Oprah Winfrey

When people hear phrases like “Oprah Winfrey was murdered” or “Oprah Winfrey was slaughtered,” they understandably wonder if the report is genuine and if Oprah Winfrey is either dead or alive. It’s difficult to imagine the stress and anguish Oprah must be feeling in the face of such accusations.

Oprah Winfrey is still very much here, as seen by the “Alive” section. The author and the spokeswoman for Oprah have had it with the constant gossip. Here are some recent Instagram posts she made.

Has Oprah Winfrey, Given Birth?

Has Oprah Winfrey, Given Birth?

Many people are curious as to whether or not Oprah Winfrey has any children, in addition to the age-old question as to whether or not she is still with us. The 2018 year marks the 36th year of Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham’s marriage.

After hearing all the baby rumors surrounding Oprah Winfrey, I couldn’t help but wonder whether she and her spouse actually do have any children. Oprah Winfrey said on an episode of “The Me You Can’t See” that she used to be a mother but isn’t at the moment.

.She was raped frequently by her cousin beginning when she was nine years old, and she finally gave birth to a son when she was 14 years old. The child only lived for two weeks. These comments were made in the show.