Is Pablo Turturiello Gay? Turning On Our Gay Radar To Debunk The Rumor About Turturiello Being Gay

Is Pablo Turturiello Gay? Pablo Turturiello, our collective imaginary boyfriend who is just the Mr. Right is back at it with yet another rumor about his private matters. This time, the rumor is about the sexual orientation of Pablo Turturiello.

The rumors began on social media with some pages claiming that Pablo Turturiello is gay. This is honestly not new for celebs to go through rigorous trolling on social media. It is also not new for fans to get curious about their personal lives and specifically the love interest of their fav celebs.

Keep reading the article to know insight into the personal life of Pablo Turturiello and to know if Pablo Turturiello is gay or if are these just false rumors.

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Is Pablo Turturiello Gay?

is Pablo Turturiello gay

No, Pablo Turturiello is not gay. The star who is starring as Frank Sinatra in the music drama Mr. Gardel on Disney+ is currently too busy to address the rumors regarding his personal life. The star has not revealed any detail about his sexuality in any public domain till now.

However, it must be noted that close sources have refused any such rumors and have regarded them to be baseless. Anyhow, we must wait for the celeb to reveal this sensitive information himself if he feels comfortable doing so.

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Who Is Pablo Turturiello Dating?

is Pablo Turturiello gay

Pablo Turturiello is not dating anyone right now. The celebrity is extremely serious about keeping his private matters away from the light of fame. He follows the policy of keeping personal and professional matters apart and is nailing at the job. Recently, there were rumors about him dating Lucía Villar who was a fellow contestant with him on the show called Cantando 2020. He was also quoted saying-

“I like her a lot. I get nervous and freak out because I just heard that she likes me too, so that’s what happened for now. We had some kind of date at the bar, here, a while ago. for a while, but it was very calm.”