Is Paddy Beaver from Coronation Street Gay? Debunking Rumors and Speculations!

Is Paddy Beaver from Coronation Street gay? Popular television shows often captivate audiences by exploring characters’ personal lives and relationships.

One such character who has garnered attention is Paddy Beaver from the long-running British soap opera “Coronation Street.”

Over the years, fans have speculated about Paddy’s sexual orientation, raising the question: Is Paddy Beaver from Coronation Street gay?

In this article, we will delve into the character of Paddy Beaver, and examine the origins of these speculations.

Is Paddy Beaver from Coronation Street Gay?

is paddy beaver from coronation street gay

Currently, the sexuality of Paddy Beaver from Coronation Street remains undisclosed. Paddy’s close relationships with both male and female characters have led to speculation about his romantic inclinations.

Some fans have interpreted his interactions with certain male characters as indicative of a potential attraction, while others argue that such interactions are merely platonic.

Adding to the rumors Paddy’s unique sense of style and fashion choices have been a subject of conversation among fans.

While it is essential to avoid stereotyping, some viewers have associated his wardrobe with LGBTQ+ culture, leading to speculation about his sexuality.

Although Paddy Bever does support the LGBTQ+ community as the 20-year-old Coronation Street star recently walked the Manchester Pride Parade with his co-stars as per Manchester Evening News.

This incident could have also made people think he is gay but Paddy Beaver has never explicitly stated his sexuality in public and we do not have any solid evidence to prove he is gay.

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Is Paddy Beaver Dating Co-Star Cait Fitton?

is paddy beaver from coronation street gay

No, Coronation Street co-stars Paddy Beaver and Cait Fitton are just best friends. Paddy and Cait are very close in real life, and they just got back from a trip to Tenerife together before she went back to the cobbles as Lauren.

Cait posted a picture from the airport on Instagram and wrote, “It’s time for our jollies bby @paddynever.” She also posted other pictures of the two of them having fun on their trip.

He also showed his support for Cait when she told him that, after months of hard work, she had earned a first-class honors degree. He said:

‘This woman has only gone and graduated with a first. I couldn’t be prouder of you. Thank you for being the most amazing friend.’

is paddy beaver from coronation street gay

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According to METRO when asked about their friendship Paddy said: “From when we met we just really got on.”

‘I have previously worked with other young people on the show, but I had never worked closely with other people my age – which isn’t a bad thing as I love my on-screen family and everyone I’ve worked with – but with Cait, we are the same age and we had a storyline together, which was something that I’d never experienced.’