Is Patrick Ta Gay? Unveiling the Sexuality of Renowned Makeup Artist!

Is Patrick Ta gay? Patrick Ta, the renowned celebrity makeup artist and the creative force behind Patrick Ta Beauty, has carved an impressive career for himself, beautifying some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including Gigi Hadid, Camila Cabello, and Emily Ratajkowski.

However, behind the glitz and glamour of his success lies a journey that was far from easy. Born into a sprawling Vietnamese-American family in San Diego, California, Ta’s path to stardom was marked by determination and hard work.

Yet, amid the accolades and the spotlight, the internet has been buzzing with rumors about Patrick Ta’s personal life, particularly his sexual orientation.

In this exploration, we delve into the intriguing question: Is Patrick Ta gay? Join us as we seek to uncover the truth behind the speculation surrounding this talented makeup artist and entrepreneur.

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Is Patrick Ta Gay?

is patrick ta gay

Yes, Patrick Ta is a proud gay man. Ta made a lot of friends and spent a lot of time with them over the three years he operated the salon.

Over that time, he also started to embrace his identity and experimented with makeup. He came out to his pals at age 21 and to his parents at age 22.

The news wasn’t warmly received by them. He also had to close his salon at this time since he had gone bankrupt. Ta admits:

“I honestly had no idea what I was doing.”

Even though he was afraid of upsetting his parents by telling them about the salon closing, it gave him more time to pursue his true passion, which is makeup.

Ta was able to secure a position at MAC as a makeup artist with the help of a well-connected roommate, but he had to keep it a secret from his parents.

In silence, he labored to assemble a portfolio, ventured into wedding makeup, and eventually got a few jobs doing cosmetics for athletes’ spouses.

He continued to operate out of Arizona, but they started to fly him around for work. He said to POPSUGAR, seeing the potential of what he was doing.

“Makeup was my first job that I felt true passion and excitement for, and I wanted to do it whether I was paid or not.”

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Who Is Patrick Ta Dating?

is patrick ta gay

As of now, Patrick Ta is not publicly dating anyone. The 31-year-old makeup artist has been notably private about his personal relationships and has never openly discussed his romantic life or mentioned any boyfriends in the public eye.

Interestingly, he has previously shared that before coming out as gay, he had many girlfriends as he was discovering his true sexuality at that time.

A closer look at his Instagram account also seems to suggest that he is most likely single at the moment, as there are no visible signs or mentions of a significant other in his posts.

Patrick Ta appears to be focusing on his career and creative endeavors, keeping his personal life largely under wraps.