Is Paula Radcliffe Pregnant? Debunking Rumors and Speculations!

Is Paula Radcliffe Pregnant? Former British long-distance runner Paula Radcliffe has won the London Marathon three times (in 2002, 2003, and 2005).

She has also won the New York Marathon three times (in 2004, 2007, and 2008), the Chicago Marathon once (in 2002), and the Helsinki Marathon once (in 2015).

She held the Women’s World Marathon Record with a time of 2:15:25 for 16 years, from 2003 to 2019, before Brigid Kosgei beat her record. She was formerly the fastest female marathoner of all time.

Online, there have been reports that Paula Radcliffe is expecting a child. So, Paula Radcliffe is she actually expecting? Or are these rumors simply untrue? Let’s read the article straight away to get the truth regarding her pregnant status.

Is Paula Radcliffe Pregnant?

is paula radcliffe pregnant

No, Paula Radcliffe is not pregnant. There is absolutely no truth to the recent rumors suggesting that Paula Radcliffe is pregnant.

Despite the speculation circulating, there is not a single shred of evidence to back up these claims.

Even a thorough scroll through her Instagram account reveals no discernible baby bump or any other indication that she might be expecting.

It’s worth noting that Paula is already a mother to two children, and her second child was born nearly 13 years ago.

Given the lack of concrete evidence and the significant time gap since her last pregnancy, it’s safe to say that these pregnancy rumors are unfounded and without merit.

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Who Is Paula Radcliffe Married To?

is paula radcliffe pregnant

Paula Radcliffe is happily married to Gary Lough since 2001. When Gary Lough was Radcliffe’s roommate at Loughborough University, they fell in love according to The Guardian.

Gary Lough is a former middle-distance runner from the United Kingdom. He competed for his nation in athletics at the 1995 World Championships, placing ninth in the 1500-meter final.

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Paula Radcliffe Children

is paula radcliffe pregnant

Paula Radcliffe and Gary Lough are blessed with two beautiful children a daughter named Isla and a son named Raphael.

The couple welcomed their first child’s daughter on January 17, 2007. She stepped into the world at 9: 45 p.m. and according to her husband Gary “She was a long, long time in labor.”

Her daughter Isla was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 the same year Paula’s father died due to heart failure. Talking about Isla’s illness Paula told Skynews:

“To be honest, my background in sport helped me – my dad always taught me ‘have a plan stick to it’, so here we had a plan and we stuck to it, all the family found it easier to do that.

“When I found it difficult was when the goalposts moved. So when her white blood cell count would not be high enough to start the next round (chemotherapy) it was just a waiting game, so those times are hard.

“Isla was very strong at keeping things in perspective saying, ‘Mummy there are a lot of kids here having a much worse time of it than I am. I really need to just get on with it’. But yes it does put things in perspective.”

Her daughter Isla was later declared “All Clear” and they raised a glass of celebration for the news also remembering her father.

is paula radcliffe pregnant

The couple welcomed their second child son named Raphael in 2010. The birth of their second child was a lot more traumatic as “He had the cord wrapped twice round his neck.”

Paula told in an interview with HELLO! she said:

“It was just three pushes, but then I heard Gary go, ‘Oh my God,’ and I looked at Raphael and he was all grey.”

“They whisked him away and I didn’t get to hold him at that point.” Since they first couldn’t hear their newborn son’s cries, the pair was inconsolable. Paula stated,

“After a couple minutes they got a resuscitation bag and inflated his lungs. Then he started crying and it was just the best sound.”

Despite all those hustles Raphael is healthy and they are now a happy family of four. Stay tuned with us for any further updates regarding Paula Radcliffe’s life.