Is Paula Reid Pregnant? The Potential Impact of Pregnancy on Her Career and Personal Life!!

Is Paula Reid Pregnant? Paula Reid, who works at CNN and talks about legal things, announced that she is going to have a baby. She became a mom for the first time and had a baby girl in the summer with her husband, Jason Kolsevich. She told People magazine about this. She said: 

“My husband and I have waited a long time to get to this point and we could not be more thrilled to welcome our baby girl.” 

She also said that she started doing something called IVF in 2020. IVF is a way some people use to have babies: 

“Undergoing IVF, while covering the White House, during a pandemic, was certainly challenging, but I feel fortunate and grateful that we were able to use this option to grow our family.”

Before working at CNN, Paula Reid was at CBS News for ten years. She joined CNN in March 2021, and before that, she used to talk about what’s happening at the White House for CBS News.

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Is Paula Reid Pregnant? Reid Opens Up About Her Journey Through Pregnancy Challenges and Triumphs!!

No, Paula Reid is not pregnant. There’s no proof or facts showing that she’s going to have a baby. Paula Reid is an important person and works for CBS News. She’s really good at her job and tells us important things on TV. 

She might have things she doesn’t tell everyone, like being a mom. But we should only believe things that are true and new. Paula Reid already has a daughter, and the daughter was born in 2022. She talked about her previous pregnancy with People Magazine

“I always wanted to be a mom and when it didn’t happen for me after a while, I was worried I had waited too long. At the advice of my doctor, I sought out an IVF doctor and did two rounds of IVF and we were successful with the first embryo transfer.”

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Getting to Know Paula Reid’s Husband and A Peek Into Her Personal Life!!

Reid comes from Akron, Ohio, but now she lives in Washington D.C. She started working at CNN in March of last year. Before that, she was at CBS News for over ten years. She started as an intern in a part of CBS that checks out things closely in 2010. 

Then, she went up the ladder, and in 2019, she became the person from CBS News who talks about the White House. Paula Reid became well-known for talking about important things like the investigation led by Robert Mueller and the issue with Hillary Clinton’s emails in 2016. 

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She also got famous for asking a lot of questions to then-President Trump about how he was dealing with the COVID-19 problem.

In March 2022, Paula Reid and Jason Kolsevich happily told their fans that they were going to have their first baby. This made their supporters really excited. As the time for the baby to come got closer, people got interested in Paula Reid’s journey of being pregnant. 

CNN, where she works, shared news about when the baby was expected to come, so people could also be excited.

In June of the same year, a magazine called PEOPLE said that Paula Reid became a mom. They had a baby girl named Jordan. We don’t know many details about their family, but we can be sure that having their daughter made Paula Reid and Jason Kolsevich very, very happy.