Is Paulie Calafiore Gay? ‘I’m Just Like This Gay Icon’ said Paulie in The Challenge: USA!

Is Paulie Calafiore gay? In the ever-curious world of reality television, fans often find themselves speculating about the personal lives of their favorite contestants.

Recently, all eyes turned to Paulie, a familiar face from ‘Big Brother,’ whose presence once again graced the screen in the latest season of ‘The Challenge.’

The chatter around Paulie’s sexuality has gained momentum after he made some shocking revelations about discovering his sexuality in the premiere of episode 3, “Civil War” of The Challenge: USA Season 2.

As discussions unfold, let’s delve into the details surrounding Paulie’s sexual orientation and the newfound attention it has garnered.

Is Paulie Calafiore Gay?

is paulie calafiore gay

No, Paulie Calafiore from Big Brother is not gay. Calafiore confessed that he had previously struggled with emotional issues and felt the need to prove his masculinity, which led him to act out on The Challenge and earn a reputation as a villain.

In an emotional one-on-one conversation with fellow veteran Tori Deal on Thursday’s new episode, Pauli Calafiore expressed his emotions and said to Tori,

“In high school, I would dress like my favorite lead singer, Freddie Mercury, who was just like, ‘Yeah, I’m just owning the fact that I’m just like this gay icon.’

I always wanted to be that. But it’s like I came through athletics, so that forced me to repress who I was sexually. I didn’t know if I was attracted to women, attracted to men, or if it was just like an energy thing.

In past seasons that I came on, things would happen, and I would just get super frickin’ angry. I’d be like I need to prove that I’m the most alpha human in the world.”

Then, in a subsequent confessional clip, Calafiore revealed that prior to his return for this season of The Challenge: USA, he sought therapy and confronted his mental health requirements.

This season, Calafiore was able to get along and be genuine teammates with former adversaries such as Johnny Bananas and Josh Martinez because he got rid of the “chip on [his] shoulder” as per TheMessenger.

However, we think that he has discovered his true sexuality as he is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend for a long time which debunks the rumors suggesting Pauli Calafiore is gay.

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Who Is Paulie Calafiore Dating?

is paulie calafiore gay

Paulie Calafiore is dating Cara Maria Sorbello for more than 5 years. After meeting on Final Reckoning in 2018, many fans didn’t expect Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria Sorbello would form a genuine connection, but they proved the doubters wrong.

Later that year and in 2019, the pair went on to compete together in War of the Worlds 2 as well.

Then they decided to take a break from filming reality TV in order to concentrate on their personal lives and their relationship before deciding to move in together in Montana.

Regarding Sorbello’s initial reluctance to get married, Calafiore exclusively revealed to Us Weekly in June 2023,

“We definitely want kids and we want marriage, [During] meet and greets she’d be like, ‘No, I’m happy being the mistress.’ And I’m like, ‘We’re dating!’”

At the time, she continued,

“I absolutely would love to marry [Paulie]. I’ve never said that before, but [Paulie is] the person that I see for the rest of my life. … Like, this is my best friend.”


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Paul has pinned the couple’s picture on his Instagram celebrating their 5 years dating anniversary. He captioned a lovely picture of them:

“5 years with you and I wouldn’t change a thing. All roads have led us to where we are now and we are STILL HERE. The most exciting part is that I never know where the next chapter will take us but I love writing the chapters together with you ❤️”

So we hope you got the answer to your question “Is Paulie from Big Brother gay?” which is definitely clear now that Paulie Calafiore is not gay and Paul and Cara are still together.