Is Peter Ash Gay? Unraveling the Mystery Behind Coronation Street Star’s Sexuality!

Is Peter Ash gay? Peter Ash is an English actor from Moston, Greater Manchester who has been in shows like Casualty, Footballers’ Wives, Hollyoaks, and Coronation Street.

Fans have been talking about and speculating about Peter Ash’s sexuality for years. Even though he has never talked about his sexuality in public, many people have wondered if he is gay or not.

So is Peter Ash gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the actor’s sexual orientation.

Is Peter Ash Gay?

is peter ash gay

No, Peter Ash is not gay. The confusion might have arisen from his role as Paul Foreman on the well-known soap opera, Coronation Street.

The speculation surrounding his sexual orientation stems from the significant storyline development where his character, Paul Foreman, and Billy Mayhew plan their wedding, marking a groundbreaking moment for the show with its first gay marriage plotline.

However, delving into Peter’s personal life reveals a different truth. In real life, he has exclusively dated women in the past and is currently in a relationship with a woman.

These real-world relationships stand as evidence of his straight sexual orientation, highlighting the distinction between his on-screen character and his personal identity.

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Who Is Peter Ash Dating?

is peter ash gay

Coronation Street Peter Ash has been dating his student nurse girlfriend Amy since 2018. This is a far cry from the ups and downs of life in Wetherfield.

For actor Pete, who has played Corrie’s Paul Foreman since 2018 when he joined the show full-time, life outside of the famous cobbles is all about family for Peter, Amy, and Peter’s 12-year-old son Ayden.

Peter often posts photos of himself and Amy, who graduated from nursing school last year. The couple has been together for four years.

They started dating in 2018, and Peter posted a picture of their anniversary on Instagram with the caption, “4 years ago we had our first date in this same pub! Love you”.

This isn’t the only picture of the happy pair. Pete regularly posts pictures of them on dates, on weekends away in places like Belfast and York, and just messing around and laughing.

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Away from his current harrowing soap plot, Peter was seen in one of his most recent posts smiling for a selfie with his wife Amy, with whom he has a son named Ayden, who he keeps out of the spotlight.

“Having a lovely week away! @amypabbyshambo #SunmerHoliday” the soap star wrote as the photo’s caption, and then the texts started coming in.