Is Pyrocynical Gay? The Instagram Kiss: Was Pyrocynical’s ‘I’m Gay’ Post a Joke?

Is Pyrocynical gay? Niall Murphy, known to the online world as Pyrocynical or PyroLive, has carved a unique niche for himself in the realm of YouTube commentary.

Hailing from England, Pyrocynical made a name for himself as one of the early pioneers of popular commentary formats, introducing elements like colored borders surrounding video clips within his videos.

As his channel evolved, he started creating a diverse range of content, often delving into trending topics. His audience, affectionately referred to as the “Bruh Army,” is a playful nod to PewDiePie’s Bro Army, complete with an ASCII drawing of the iconic Brofist in his video descriptions.

However, among the many discussions surrounding Pyrocynical, one topic that has consistently sparked debate is his sexual orientation, leaving many to wonder if he is, indeed, gay. To uncover the truth about this aspect of his life, let’s delve deeper into the subject.

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Is Pyrocynical Gay?

No, Pyrocynical is not gay. The questions surrounding Pyrocynical’s sexuality have been a topic of discussion among fans for quite some time. Many fans have commented on his physical appearance, describing him as looking like a “cute little lesbian.”

Pyrocynical himself has acknowledged these comments and even made light of them in several of his videos. With his unique haircut and somewhat effeminate appearance, he’s admitted that at first glance, he might give off a certain impression.

However, it’s important to note that Pyrocynical has been clear about his sexuality. He has firmly stated that he is straight and has no interest in same-sex relationships.

His humorous take on the comments about his appearance should not be misconstrued as a true reflection of his sexual orientation.

Recently, there was an Instagram post in which Pyrocynical was seen kissing a man, an online personality named Chad, with the caption “I’m gay.”

While this post may have raised some eyebrows, it’s essential to remember that Pyrocynical is known for his humor and wit.

It’s highly likely that this post was just another one of his jokes or a stunt designed to capture attention, rather than a genuine declaration of his sexual orientation.

Moreover, Pyrocynical has only been in relationships with women in the past, which provides clear evidence that his sexual orientation is not gay.

It’s crucial to respect his own words and the relationships he’s been in when it comes to understanding his true sexuality. Speculation and jokes about one’s appearance should not be taken as definitive indicators of their sexual preferences.

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Who Is Pyrocynical Currently Dating?

is pyrocynical gay

Pyrocynical might be in a relationship with a woman named Ida, who goes by the username “Daflummify” on Twitter. Rumor has it that these two have been in a relationship since 2020.

But, before Ida came into the picture, Pyrocynical was in a confirmed relationship with another YouTube sensation, Hyojin Choi, affectionately known as “Squizzy,” from 2016 to 2019.

However, their relationship was far from perfect, as Choi faced her fair share of serious allegations during that time.

It was a turbulent period, but interestingly, the two of them parted ways in 2019, with Choi emphasizing that they remained on good terms despite the challenges they had faced.

Now, Pyrocynical’s possible involvement with Ida has sparked curiosity among fans, leaving many wondering where this relationship might lead in the future.