Is Rachel Daly Gay? What Is the Sexuality of This English Professional Footballer?

Is Rachel Daly gay? English professional footballer Rachel Daly competes for both the England national team and Aston Villa in the FA Women’s Super League. Since 2019, she has taken part in the attack, midfield, and defense. She had been a part of the Houston Dash in the past.

Rachel Daly is in the news as England defeats Australia in the World Cup semifinals, with Rachel Ray playing a crucial part in upsetting the team of skipper Sam Kerr.

There is no need to explain that the Matildas appear to be the squad with the most openly LGBT players in this most publicly queer sporting event in history. Due to this, practically every participant in the tournament had their sexuality assumed, including Rachel Daly this time.

So is Rachel Daly really gay? Or is she an exception in this tournament? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the soccer player’s sexual orientation.

Is Rachel Daly Gay?

is rachel daly gay

Yes, Rachel Daly is openly gay. Rachel Daly is not only a talented soccer player but also an inspiring and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Throughout her career, she has been incredibly open about her sexuality and her relationships. From the early stages of her journey, Daly has fearlessly embraced her identity, becoming a beacon of representation and acceptance.

She has been vocal about her desire to see the men’s soccer scene catch up to the inclusivity and representation that the women’s game has achieved.

In an interview with the Daily Mail after England’s victory in the 2022 Euros, Daly expressed her optimistic outlook:

“I think they’ll get there. It’s a generational thing, some older people [have a problem with it]. But it’s more common now to accept it and be OK with it.

Daly remains confident that, with time, any lingering stigma will fade away, paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse future in the world of soccer.

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Who Is Rachel Daly Dating?

is rachel daly gay

Rachel Daly is currently dating Millie Turner according to PinkNews. Although it is said that opposites attract, this is not really the case for these two.

With her companion Millie Turner, who also enjoys sports, England Lioness Rachel Daly is in love and content.

Despite dating since July 2021 and playing defense for Manchester United, Millie, 27, and Rachel made their relationship official on Rachel’s Instagram with a picture of them enjoying a romantic stroll around Dovestone Reservoir on Saddleworth Moor in Manchester.

When Rachel moved back to the UK from Texas last year, the couple’s long-distance relationship became formal.

Rachel, who was born in Harrogate and has played football since she was in school, is a household name in the UK and the US.

She played with Houston Dash for ten years in the America Soccer League, where she dated USA star Kristie Mewis in 2017. Kristie Mewis is now dating Sam Kerr.

Both girls are obviously concerned about their health, so when Millie was diagnosed with carotid artery dissection last year—a rare ailment that causes a rip in one of the major arteries connecting the heart and the brain—it fell to Aston Villa player Rachel to take care of her.

Millie, who had previously played for Everton and Bristol City, was fortunate that the Red Devils’ medical staff recognized the symptoms when she complained of severe problems following an intrasquad match.

She was compelled to quit all physical exercise and dash any dreams of competing for her nation in a domestic event.

“I have learned that shorter, quality sleep is much better than long, broken sleep,” Rachel recently told Women’s Health.

“I feel so much better for getting a proper deep sleep, even if it’s shorter than ideal, than I do if I get a longer one where I’m woken several times.”


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Although several renowned sources claim that the couple is still together, the couple was last spotted together on Millie’s Instagram on July 31, 2022.

So we do not know if they had broken up or living in a low-profile relationship given Millie’s health condition. Even Rachel has not given any update regarding their relationship since then.