Is Rachel Riley Pregnant with Third Child? A Deep Dive into the Pregnancy Speculation Surrounding the TV Star!!

Is Rachel Riley Pregnant with Third Child? Rachel Riley talked about her life as a potential mom of three and said that her marriage with her husband, Pasha Kovalev, has had its challenges.

Rachel known for being on the show Countdown, met Pasha in 2013 when they both appeared on Strictly Come Dancing. Pasha was a professional dancer on the show. After they got married, they had two daughters, Maven and baby Noa.

Now, Rachel has talked about the idea of having another baby and when she might consider turning her family of four into a family of five. But is she really expecting her third child?

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Speculation and Rumors Abound: Is Rachel Riley Pregnant with Third Child?

is rachel riley pregnant with third child

No, Rachel Riley is not pregnant in 2023. She’s a famous TV host and a loving mom of two kids. She’s really good at balancing her job and family life.

Some people have been talking about her being pregnant, and it’s made her fans excited to hear if it’s true. But the truth is, there’s no real evidence to support these rumors. Rachel had her second baby on November 5, 2021.

Rachel Riley is quite active on social media, where she shares parts of her life with her followers. If she was going to have another baby, she’d probably let everyone know on social media. That way, her fans would be the first to hear about the happy news.

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Rachel Riley’s Marital Status: Is the TV Host Still Married in 2023?

is rachel riley pregnant with third child

Rachel used to be married to Jamie Gilbert, whom she met at the University of Oxford. But they separated in 2013. After that, she started dating Pasha Kovalev, who was her dance partner on Strictly Come Dancing. Their love grew over time.

In May 2019, Rachel shared with her fans that she and Pasha were going to have their first baby. People were really excited about this news. They got married in Las Vegas on June 28, 2019. It was a beautiful wedding.

Their happiness grew even more on December 15, 2019, when Rachel had their first baby girl. She became a source of pride and joy for the couple. Then, in April 2021, Rachel shared that she was expecting their second baby. Everyone was waiting for this news.

On November 5, 2021, Rachel and Pasha welcomed their second daughter into the world. They were really happy and grateful for their growing family.