Is Rami From Project Runway Gay? Iconic Revelation from Rami Kashou On His Sexuality

Is Rami From Project Runway Gay? Rami Kashou of the Project Runaway All Stars fame is back again with news as iconic as his designs. There have been recent rumors about the love life of the star. The show for sure changed a lot in his life. Since then, Kashou has met Queen Rania of Jordan who apparently fell in love with his designs.

The rumors began right when Rami Kashou entered the sets of Project Runaway Season 4. People have been left super-curious about his sexual identity and love life.

The article talks about the Season 4 fame Rami Kashou’s love life and sexuality of the star. So, read it up until the end.

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Is Rami From Project Runway Gay?

is rami from project runway gay

No, Rami Kashou is not gay. The rumors regarding him being gay are baseless and are based on his association with the fashion industry. People often mistake men being involved in the fashion industry to be gay.

Project Runaway aired on Bravo on June 15 and Rami has been a star stealing all the spotlight on the show. On being a contestant on a show where his former competitor is the judge, Rami said-

“I don’t think that I have had any advantage over any of the designers of my current season, I certainly did not experience that although I am grateful that he decided to use his save on my work, I believe that I had a lot more to show. To shed more light on this, Christian and I had not spoken nor had we seen one another since we wrapped filming in 2008 until filming together Project Runway All Stars Season 20. Was it awkward for me in terms of the shifting dynamic between us? No, because I had time to reflect on it and process it, I also always have viewed Christian as one of my design peers.”

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Did Rami Kashou Win Project Runaway?

is rami from project runway gay

No, Rami did not win the Project Runaway Season 4. Christian Siriano was the winner of the season. But- does Rami need to be the winner? The answer is NO! He has left a big big impact on the fashion industry and has achieved a lot since the show.

Rami Kashou has worked with big celebs like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna and what more could we need? He found his stairway to fame right after the end of the Project Runaway Season 4. Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, Penelope Cruz, Dita Von Teese, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, and Paris Hilton are also among the people he has worked with.