Is Ranvir Singh Pregnant? British Journalist Expecting A Baby?

Is Ranvir Singh Pregnant? Ranvir Singh is a popular British journalist. The telly screens turn a little more bright whenever Ranvir Singh makes an appearance. She is a capable and well-known Political Editor and co-news presenter.

There have been recent rumors of Ranvir Singh being pregnant. Fans are curious to know what is happening in the personal life of Ranvir Singh. Here we are to put an end to the rumors and uncover the truth behind the rumored pregnancy of Ranvir Singh.

Keep reading the article to debunk the rumors and to know if Ranvir Singh, the British journalist who has made us fall head over heels for her skills, is pregnant.

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Is Ranvir Singh Pregnant?

is ranvir singh pregnant

No, Ranvir Singh is not pregnant. The 45-year-old co-presenter at Good Morning Britain who made her way around the Strictly Come Dancing dancefloor, is not pregnant. Singh has not revealed anything about her pregnancy. Neither has she addressed the rumors on her social media.

The rumors are most probably baseless. We have tried to contact close sources and no information regarding her pregnancy is revealed.

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Who is Ranvir Singh Dating?

is ranvir singh pregnant

Ranvir Singh is in a serious relationship with Louis Church. the couple began dating in 20202 shortly after meeting on the sets of Strictly Come Dancing. Louis Church worked as the production secretary on the show. The 27-year-old Louis is often called out for dating Ranvir Singh who is 18 years older than him. However, love sees nothing. The two are n a happy and healthy relationship. Regarding their age gap, Ranvir Singh told The Sun’s Fabulous magazine

“We don’t ever joke about the age difference. Age is no guarantee of someone being wonderful to you. Some complete gits are exactly the same age as you. You can find a 50-year-old man who will have no idea about how to be a good partner. So being 27 is not reflective of that.”