Is Ria Atayde Pregnant? A Comprehensive Exploration of the Ongoing Rumors Surrounding Possible Pregnancy!!

Is Ria Atayde Pregnant? Ria Atayde, a famous actress in the Philippines known for her roles in “Ningning” and “The Hows of Us,” has captured the hearts of many through her acting skills and commitment to promoting body positivity. 

She is the daughter of the well-known actress Sylvia Sanchez and businessman Art Atayde. Ria has left a significant impact on the entertainment industry, actively participating both on and off the screen. 

In a noteworthy turn of events in her personal life, Ria joyfully shared her engagement with Zanjoe Marudo on February 20, expressing their plans for marriage. This delightful announcement followed a period of dating, during which the couple’s relationship evolved from friendship to love, garnering support from their families and fans alike.

With the recent engagement generating considerable attention, speculation surrounding the possibility of Ria Atayde’s pregnancy has become a significant topic among her devoted fans and followers. 

In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the rumors, aiming to uncover the truth behind the buzz and provide clarity on this intriguing aspect of Ria Atayde’s personal life.

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Delving into the Speculation: Is Ria Atayde Pregnant?

is ria atayde pregnant

Amidst all the talk and stories going around, the simple answer is no, Ria Atayde is not pregnant, at least as of the latest information available up to 2024. 

Even though people have been guessing and spreading rumors since 2023, there’s been no confirmation from Ria Atayde or her partner, Zanjoe Marudo, about expecting a baby.

It’s common for famous people like Ria to be at the center of these kinds of guesses, but it’s essential to be cautious about believing these rumors until there’s an official announcement. Until then, it’s best to treat these stories with a bit of doubt.

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A Closer Look at Ria Atayde’s Relationship Status and Recent Updates on Love and Partnerships!!

is ria atayde pregnant

On Tuesday, the celebrity couple, Ria Atayde and Zanjoe Marudo brought joy to their fans by sharing the wonderful news of their engagement on Instagram. They posted a series of travel photos, and one close-up image proudly showcased Atayde’s hand with a sparkling diamond ring.

Zanjoe Marudo also shared a sweet photo on his Instagram story, where he’s kissing Ria on the cheek while lying in bed, and he captioned it with “Hi fiancé” along with a waving hand emoji.

Rumors about their relationship started in August 2022 when they were seen together at a restaurant in New York with some friends. They were frequently spotted hanging out with their celebrity circle, including Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Joshua Garcia, and Alora Sasam, before the breakup of Bernardo and Padilla.

The confirmation of their relationship came first from Ria Atayde’s mother, veteran actress Sylvia Sanchez, in October of the same year, and Zanjoe Marudo officially announced it in January 2023.