Is Richard Armitage Married? Get the Inside Scoop on the Next James Bond’s Romantic Life!

Is Richard Armitage married? Richard Armitage, the renowned English actor and author, has made an indelible mark in the world of entertainment with his versatile talent.

From his breakout role as John Thornton in the British television sensation “North & South” to his iconic portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” trilogy, Armitage has garnered international acclaim.

His impressive career spans across stage, television, and film, featuring notable performances like John Proctor in “The Crucible,” Francis Dolarhyde in “Hannibal,” and John Porter in “Strike Back.”

Beyond acting, one of Armitage’s distinctive attributes is his commanding baritone voice, which he’s lent to audiobooks, narrations, and even video games.

However, as his star continues to rise, the public’s curiosity about his personal life, particularly his marital status, has surged.

In this article, we delve into the intriguing question: Is Richard Armitage married? Join us as we uncover the truth about the actor’s romantic life.

Is Richard Armitage Married?

is richard armitage married

No, Richard Armitage is not married to anyone as of now. The 52-year-old actor is renowned not only for his impressive career but also for his guarded approach to his personal life.

Armitage’s penchant for privacy has kept many details about his relationships concealed from the public eye. However, during an interview with Evening Standard, he did confirm that his partner is male.

This revelation came as he discussed the challenges of filming numerous nude scenes for “Obsession” and the impact it had on his relationship.

Armitage shared that he reassured his partner that everything would be fine and that they were well taken care of during the filming process.

He also mentioned that he and his co-star, Charlie Murphy, who played his onscreen lover, Anna Barton, had the opportunity to meet each other’s partners and even shared dinners together.

While Armitage has chosen not to disclose the identity of his partner, many fans hope that the couple may take the step towards marriage in the future.

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Is Richard Armitage Gay?

is richard armitage married

Yes, Richard Armitage is gay! Armitage casually revealed that he is gay in a 2023 interview with the Radio Times while discussing the Spooks character Lucas North.

Although he was first shown as a straight character who had an intimate engagement with a female character, his character Lucas North in the BBC series “Spooks” had a same-sex romance in his history.

Armitage stated that while he has been portrayed as a supposedly straight hero on TV, thinking back on his time on Robin Hood and Spooks, he added:

“I’ve always been very clear with myself: this is them; this is the bit that’s me. I think it helps you be an actor because there was never a crossover.”

In response to a question about the character’s sexual orientation, Armitage said that because Lucas North was attracted to both men and women, it was more intriguing to portray him and that his character is the bit that’s him.

Armitage had previously made statements on the difference between privacy and secrecy, but he had not explicitly revealed his sexuality in the open until this interview.

The actor also discusses how he came out to the people in his life when he was a teenager and why he waited so long to discuss it in public. However, Armitage has spoken out with his closest loved ones about his changing emotions over time.

Richard has openly supported the LGBTQ+ community and has taken part in a number of fundraising events and activities to benefit LGBTQ+ groups and issues.

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Richard Armitage’s Dating History

Samantha Colley

is richard armitage married

2014 saw Richard Armitage and Samantha Colley collaborate on the drama “The Crucible,” which Yal Farber directed and staged at London’s Old Vic theater.

Colley portrayed the part of Abigail Williams in the play, while Armitage played the part of John Proctor. In 2016, the ex-couple got engaged. But since 2017, they have not been spotted together in public.

Although the couple’s breakup cause is still a mystery Samantha Colley has moved on since she got married after a year of their breakup.

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Annabel Capper

is richard armitage married

Richard Armitage and Annabel Capper first met while filming on the TV series “Into the Storm” in 2009, in which they both had main parts.

The two actors were frequently shown together in the media and on public occasions. Since both performers want to keep their private lives secret, it is unknown why Richard Armitage and Annabel Capper are reported to have split.

Since they were last spotted together in public in 2013, it is assumed that their romance ended around that time. Armitage and Capper have not made any public statements on the causes of their purported breakup.