Is Robby Hoffman Trans? The Comedian Came Out Of The Closet?

Is Robby Hoffman Trans? Robby Hoffman, popularly known for her work as a comedian and writer, recently broke the internet and sparked interest in her gender identity. It’s not new for rumours and speculations surrounding her gender identity to be discussed in public. But this time, the truth has finally been revealed, leaving the world shocked.

Currently, Robby Hoffman has been working as a host for Robby Hoffman Consulting Group which is a popular live call-in advice show, broadcasting on Chris Gethard’s comedy network, Planet Scum Live.

is robby hoffman trans

The question “Is Robby Hoffman Trans?” has been lingering in the entertainment industry for a long time and this time it finally got closure. Stay tuned and read the article till the end to unravel the mystery behind the American-Canadian comedian’s sexuality.

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Is Robby Hoffman Trans?

The question surrounding Hoffman’s gender identity is a sensitive one and although, Robby Hoffman hasn’t come out to the world and announced that is transgender, her actions definately gave us the answers we needed.

The celebrity’s past Instagram bio describes herself as “a small ex-Hasidic queer Jewish stand-up comedian, writer, and true original.” Further, Gabby Windey stopped by The View to hint towards her new relationship which involves Robby Hoffman.

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Who is Robby Hoffman Dating?

“Bachelor” star Gabby Windey shook the internet with the shocking revelation that she is dating Robby Hoffman. Windey called her relationship with Hoffman ‘a love that she always wanted going on the dating shows’.

is robby hoffman trans

“I always just want to live my truth and my story. I have been seeing someone for a couple months, and I’ve been keeping it a little more private because it is, like, a bigger story and a bigger conversation because I’m dating a girl.”

The new couple in the Entertainment world, revealed their relationship to their fans via Instagram post captioned, “Told you I’m a girls girl!!”. The caption by Gabby Windey and of course, the pictures posted, were enough to make us feel butterflies in the stomach.