Is Roger Allam Gay? Announcement of Role in Gay Screenplay Sparks Rumors!

Is Roger Allam gay? Roger Allam is a British actor whose remarkable career spans the realms of stage, film, television, and radio.

With iconic roles such as Inspector Javert in the original London production of Les Misérables, First Officer Douglas Richardson in the beloved radio series Cabin Pressure, and DCI Fred Thursday in the captivating TV series Endeavour, Allam has left an indelible mark on the entertainment world.

His diverse talent also extends to notable portrayals like Illyrio Mopatis in Game of Thrones, Royalton in Speed Racer, Lewis Prothero in V for Vendetta, and Peter Mannion MP in The Thick Of It.

With six Laurence Olivier Award nominations and three well-deserved wins to his name, Roger Allam has earned a place of admiration among both peers and fans.

However, it was his recent collaboration with the legendary Sir Ian McKellen that thrust his personal life into the spotlight. Curiosity about his sexuality, with some speculating that he might be gay, became a talking point.

If you’re curious about the truth behind this aspect of the actor’s life, join us as we delve into the question: Is Roger Allam gay?” Happy reading!

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Is Roger Allam Gay?

is roger allam gay

No, Roger Allam is not gay. Roger Allam’s recent emergence in the spotlight regarding his sexuality has led to some speculations, particularly with the announcement of his role in the gay romantic comedy play “Frank and Percy,” alongside Sir Ian McKellen.

Additionally, his enduring 40-year friendship with the openly gay Ian McKellen has fueled these rumors.

However, it’s essential to note that Roger Allam has only dated women in the past, which serves as a clear indication of his heterosexual orientation.

While his acting prowess allows him to convincingly portray a wide range of characters, his personal life demonstrates that his sexual orientation is indeed straight.

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Is Roger Allam Married?

is roger allam gay

Roger Allam has been happily married to his wife Rebecca Saire. Allam has two children with the actress Rebecca Saire: William and Thomas. In a 2017 interview with Radio Times, he said:

“Watching your children growing up makes you aware of time passing. You think, ‘Oh, God, look at them now! He won’t be like this for much longer.’ Luckily, both my kids are very tactile, my youngest can still fit on my lap, but soon, very soon, that won’t happen anymore.”

Allam is worried about dying when his boys are still very young. He says the sense of his own mortality arrived with a significant birthday.

“Yes, that’s it. Fifty is when it really kicked in, I suppose. That’s when you think, ‘Ah, right – let’s see.’

He, Rebecca, and William appeared together in the Endeavour episode Raga (series 7, episode 2, broadcast February 2020). In that episode, Rebecca and William played mother and son.