Is Roman Kemp Gay? Unveiling the Sexuality of TV and Radio Personality!

Is Roman Kemp gay? Roman Kemp is a radio host and TV figure from the UK. Since 2014, he has been in charge of the national radio station Capital FM, and since 2017, he has been in charge of their morning show.

In the 2019 season of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, he came in third place. Kemp also hosts BBC One’s “The One Show.”

Since joining the BBC’s The One Show as a regular co-host, the Capital FM radio host has been in the news a lot. His personal life has also been in the press, and many people think that Roman Kemp is gay.

So, is Roman Kemp really gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the radio and TV personality’s sexual orientation.

Is Roman Kemp Gay?

is roman kemp gay

No, Roman Kemp is not gay. The 30-year-old radio host has maintained his privacy when it comes to his sexuality, never directly addressing it in the public eye.

The topic gained traction back on 3 July 2015 when speculations arose about his sexual orientation after he shared a playful video featuring him and Holly, where he sported lipstick as part of a game they were playing.

These rumors resurfaced recently following an interview with OK! magazine. In the interview, Roman mentioned that he would consider participating in Strictly Come Dancing only if he could dance with a same-sex partner.

However, this statement wasn’t about revealing his sexual orientation; rather, Roman expressed this perspective to ensure that the focus remains on the dancers’ talent rather than diverting into discussions about his personal life.

It’s clear that Roman Kemp’s emphasis lies in keeping the show centered on its true essence rather than transforming it into a tabloid-style drama of romantic speculations.

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Who Is Roman Kemp Dating?

is roman kemp gay

Roman Kemp is not dating anyone at the moment. In an interview with OK! magazine the radio host admitted that he’s “lame” at dating and also doesn’t consider himself a heartthrob.

Roman Kemp is taking a break from romantic relationships to concentrate on his work.

In an interview with the Metro in April 2021, the British radio personality admitted to being single and maintained that his early morning routines affect his relationship.

He then added he was “too tired to go on dates.” Kemp also expressed how tough it was to impress women with a hectic morning schedule and claimed that he would prioritize his work from then.

The statement came after he ended his longtime relationship with Anne-Sophie Flury.

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Roman Kemp Dating History

is roman kemp gay

In the middle of the 2010s, Kemp was seeing a Greek woman. The distance hurt their relationship, though, and they broke up in 2017.

The Londoner talked about his split with the Metro Guilty Pleasures. He said that his busy schedule and the fact that they lived in different time zones made it hard to talk to his partner.

It’s hard. A long-distance relationship when you do a breakfast show is the toughest thing, mate. It’s all right… it’s just one of those things. But I’m very much back on the market.

After they broke up, Kemp started dating Anne-Sophie Flury, a Swiss doctor, in 2017. He met her on Tinder and they hit it off.

Both of them posted about how happy they were with each other on social media, and Kemp even gave hints that he wanted to marry her.

“Is she The One? Who knows. You never know! But it’s love, 100 percent and I am committed to it, He told Mirror, “I’m hanging on to her.”

As the pandemic got worse, Kemp and Flury moved in together. But in mid-July 2020, just a few months after they moved in together, they broke up.

Before announcing the breakup in July 2020, Kemp said on his Capital Radio show that he and his girlfriend had a fight about chips. The closure couldn’t have been easy on their relationship.

Within ten days of the breakup, he was linked to his close friend and fashion model Kate Moss in a romantic way. On their fun, drunk date, they were said to have gone to Soho House and given each other some PDAs.

But the relationship didn’t last long. In October, Kemp went on another date with fashion blogger Danielle Anabi, who is worth a lot of money.

Before the curfew made them go somewhere else for their date night, they walked around London. Even though they went on a date, nothing important happened.

The 28-year-old confirmed he was single in April 2021 and said he was too tired to go on new dates. Kemp hasn’t dated women for so long is one the reasons that his fans are starting to wonder if he’s gay.