Is Rosalia Pregnant? The Rumor Mill, Is Rosalia Expecting a Baby?

Rosalia Vila Tobella, also known as Rosalia, is a Spanish singer. She was born on September 25, 1992. Rosalia was born and raised in Barcelona. She is described as an atypical pop star. And that is because of her genre-bending music styles. She was enrolled in Spanish folk music at the age of 13, and then later, she studied musicology at Catalonia College of Music.

While looking, she also used to perform at musical bars and weddings. Throughout her music career, she has accumulated eleven number-one singles in her own home country. And it has been for the most local artist. She has also won two Grammy awards and twelve Latin Grammy awards.

Is Rosalia Pregnant?

is rosalia pregnant

No, Rosalia is not pregnant, as the star has not officially confirmed it! Many rumours are spreading across the internet. Recently the internet started to explode due to the news of Rosalia getting engaged to Rauw Alejandro. They have been dating for a long time, and now the rumour has ended. But fans conclude she has been involved with him as she is already two months pregnant.

Some fans have been speculating that she was wearing baggy clothes, and they mistakenly said she was pregnant. However, there has been no official confirmation from the star. She has not confirmed the rumour to be true. There is no update on her social media platform nor from her family or friends. During her recent interview with Marca, she didn’t confront her about her pregnancy, and she chose to focus on her life and her music career.

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Is Rosalia Getting Married?

is rosalia pregnant

It is exciting news for all her fans and family that after months of speculation, Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro are officially engaged. The couple announced their engagement on Friday and ended all the rumours. Rumours were spreading all around the internet about their secret relationship. So, the couple is engaged, and all the fans are happy for their engagement.

The announcement of their engagement came through her social media. Rosalia shared some engagement pictures with her fans with a caption that read, “I love you always and forever”. Rauw also shared the same photos on his social media account too. The information about their engagement with an outpouring of love and fans congratulated.

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Rosalia’s Relationship History

In 2016 Rosalia started dating a Spanish rapper, C.Tangana. They both wrote many songs together, eight of the eleven songs of her sophomore album El Mal Querer and collaborated Vocally. They have collaborated twice. But Rosalia and the Spanish rapper broke up in May 2018. Since then, they have referred to themselves in each other’s songs, social media posts and many other places.

Later in 2019, she was in a relationship with Puerta Rican musician Rauw Alejandro, all the fans were speculating about their relationship, and rumours were spreading. But as of now, they have made it public, and recently, both got engaged. Rosalia and Rauw shared their engagement pictures with their fans through social media.

Where Is Rosalia Now?

rosalia is now in sant cugat del valles, catalona, spain. She is engaged in her long-time relationship with Rauw Alejandro. They are both musicians and have been in a relationship since 2019. but her music is different from everyone else. The genre that she follows is varied and electric. It ranges from traditional artists to contemporary pop icons.