Is Ruby From 8 Passengers Gay? Everything About The YouTubeDrama

Is Ruby From 8 Passengers Gay? Ruby Franke who is a part of the YouTube channel 8 Passengers has been making the headlines for a long time. The headlines are primarily concerned about the child abuse charges placed on her. However, it has also ignited an interest in her personal life.

People have been left curious as to what is the life of Ruby Framke like, and who is she with. Is Ruby Gay? What are the charges of Ruby? and many more. Well, it is obvious to be curious about these.

This article will uncover the secret behind the love life and sexual orientation of Ruby Franke. It would also delve deeper into the charges placed on her. keep reading to grab every possible detail about the life of Ruby of 8 Passengers.

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Is Ruby From 8 Passengers Gay?

is ruby from 8 passengers gay

No, Ruby from 8 Passengers is not gay. With over 5 million subscribers on YouTube, it is obvious that viewers would be curious to know more about the star. Given the life of Ruby Franke, it becomes obvious that she is not gay. The mother of six, and a key member of the 8 Passengers channel, is in a happy heterosexual relationship.

Although Ruby from 8 Passengers has never addressed the rumors about her sexual orientation directly, it is important to note that it is a sensitive topic. Stereotyping and assuming someone’s sexual orientation is not right and we must refrain from indulging in such acts.

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What Are The Charges Pressed On Ruby From 8 Passengers?

is ruby from 8 passengers gay

According to USA Today, Ruby Franke was arrested along with her business partner Jodi Hildebrandt. The two had co-founded a parent advice and counseling YouTube channel and service- ConneXions.

It was speculated that she and her husband Kevin Franke also mistreated their six children. Franke’s eldest daughter has been quite vocal on social media about contact with her family in 2022. After Ruby from 8 Passengers was arrested, her daughter posted a picture of a police car outside her home with the caption ‘finally’.