Is Ryan Trainor Gay? Wearing a Pride Cap Sparks Speculation About His Sexuality!

As part of a photo session for his podcast “Workin’ on It,” Ryan Trainor wore a pride hat, which led to his sexuality speculations. Speculations surface concerning the sexual orientation of the digital creator, who is also widely known as Meghan Trainor’s brother.

Do all the rumors that he is gay reflect reality? Or are they merely made-up rumors? Read this article to uncover everything there is to know about Ryan Trainor’s sexual orientation!

Is Ryan Trainor Gay?

No, Ryan Trainor Is Not Gay. The reason why there have been so many allegations regarding his sexual orientation for more than two years is because Ryan and her sister Meghan Trainor created the podcast “Workin’ on It” back in 2021.

He shared the news with his followers on Instagram on September 7, 2021, when he wore a gay hat with the print of two rainbows on it for the first picture session for their podcast. Since then, his sexual orientation has been the subject of fan speculation.

Ryan Trainor has never actually responded to the rumors, therefore they still persist. In his prior relationships, he has never dated a guy and has never affirmed his sexuality.

Nevertheless, just because he was wearing a pride cap doesn’t automatically imply that he is also queer. It would be unfair to label someone gay just because he is sporting a pride cap because there are straight people who do not consider themselves to be a part of the LGBT community and yet support the community.

According to Celebs Couples, Trainor has been in at least one relationship. But nonetheless, because he keeps his private life a secret from his followers, it is unknown who he has dated in the past.

On any of his social media accounts, Trainor has never addressed dating a girl. Hence, it is reasonable to say that Ryan Trainor is not gay because there is no proof to back up the rumors.

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Who is Ryan Trainor Currently Dating?

Is Ryan Trainor Gay?

As of March 2023, Ryan Trainor is possibly single. Trainor rarely shares information about his love life. However, he was not publicly seen dating anyone, and it is challenging to track his dating history considering he gave so little information about his prior relationships.

Where is Ryan Trainor Now?

Is Ryan Trainor Gay?

Along with his sister Meghan Trainor, a renowned singer, Ryan Trainor is now running his podcast “Workin’ on It” with great popularity. Each week, the brother-sister team tackles a different subject and discusses their personal experiences by engaging with the audience.

Since 2021, when the Trainors launched “Workin’ on It,” fans have adored the ingenuity that the Trainors bring to their podcasts.

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What is Ryan Trainor’s Net Worth?

Is Ryan Trainor Gay?

According to All Famous Birthday, Ryan Trainor has an estimated net worth of $5 million. His primary sources of income are as a podcaster and digital creator. One little-known truth about the internet innovator is that he gave his sister the nickname “MTrain,” which Meghan’s fans chant when she performs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ryan Trainor

Who is Ryan Trainor?

Ryan Trainor is a digital creator and is popularly known as the big brother of the American singer Meghan Trainor.

Is Ryan Trainor Gay?

No, Ryan Trainor is not gay.

Are Meghan Trainor and Ryan Trainor Related?

Yes, Ryan Trainor is the big brother of the singer Meghan Trainor.

Who is Ryan Trainor’s Boyfriend?

Ryan Trainor has never come out as gay and was never known to be dating any men.

Who is Ryan Trainor Currently Dating?

As of March 2023, Ryan Trainor is possibly single, as he hasn’t updated anything about his relationship status to his fans.

What is the Podacst That Ryan Trainor Hosts?

Ryan Trainor is the host of the “Workin’ on It” podcast, which he started with his sister Meghan Trainor in 2021.

What is Ryan Trainor’s Net Worth?

Ryan Trainor has an estimated net worth of $5 million.