Is Ryley Tate Wilson Gay? Performing LGBT-Themed Songs on The Voice Sparks Rumors!

Ryley Tate Wilson had chosen to sing some LGBTQ+ inclusive themed songs often on The Voice show, such as the song. “Dancing on My Own.” Since “Dancing on My Own” is a song that has been widely celebrated within LGBTQ+ spaces and events, many speculate the singer is gay.

Is the Voice contestant really gay, as all the rumors suggest? Uncover all there is to know about Ryley Tate Wilson’s sexuality in this article!

Is Ryley Tate Wilson Gay?

Is Ryley Tate Wilson Gay?

Ryley Tate Wilson Has Not Explicitly Stated His Sexuality.  The singer won the blind auditions for “The Voice” season 23 with the song “Dancing On My Own,” which ultimately led to a lot of speculation regarding his sexual orientation.

The lyrics of “Dancing on My Own” do not specifically address LGBTQ+ topics; the song is not intrinsically an LGBTQ+ song. However, it has struck a chord with a lot of LGBTQ+ individuals, who have adopted it as their anthem of resiliency, heartache, and empowerment.

Even though it was not initially meant as an expressly LGBTQ+ anthem, the song’s association with these places and its popularity among LGBTQ+ people have helped to establish its position as a song that carries value within the community.

As a result, many started to speculate about Ryley Tate Wilson’s sexuality, as he had chosen it to sing initially in his Voice journey. However, Wilson is just 15 years old, and it is hard to know if he is currently dating someone.

He has always maintained a private life, so it is also not clear who he has previously dated. Therefore, we cannot be sure if he is gay or not.

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Ryley Tate Wilson’s Journey Unfortunately Ends in The Voice

Is Ryley Tate Wilson Gay?

One of the favorites to win The Voice auditions this season was Ryley Tate Wilson. He also received the backing of Niall Horan, his coach, who referred to him as “Future Boy.” Wilson was one of the top eight competitors in The Voice’s Season 23 Live Semi-Finals.

On the semi-final show, which aired on May 15, 2023, Wilson was one of the competitors that were eliminated along with Holly Brand and Ray Uriel. For The Voice Season 23 finale, NOIVAS, Grace West, Sorelle, D. Smooth, and Gina Miles will advance.

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Wilson, however, has amassed a devoted following known as “Ryley’s Angels,” who have provided him with unwavering support during his time on The Voice and will continue to do so for his forthcoming albums.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ryley Tate Wilson

Who is Ryley Tate Wilson?

Ryley Tate Wilson is a singer who achieved prominence by being a contestant on The Voice Season 23.

Is Ryley Tate Wilson Gay?

Ryley Tate Wilson has not explicitly stated his sexual orientation. So we cannot be sure if he is gay.

Who is Ryley Tate Wilson’s Boyfriend?

Ryley Tate Wilson has always maintained a private life, so it is also not clear if he actually has a boyfriend.

Who is Ryley Tate Wilson Currently Dating?

Ryley Tate Wilson currently appears to be single.

Did Ryley Tate Wilson Make it to The Top 5 on The Voice?

No, Ryley Tate Wilson’s journey has unfortunately ended in The Voice’s semi-final episode.

Who Are The Top 5 Contestants on The Voice?

NOIVAS, Grace West, Sorelle, D. Smooth, and Gina Miles will be advancing for The Voice’s Season 23 finale.