Is Sam Ryder Gay? What is The Sexuality of This British Singer?

Sam Ryder is a singer and songwriter from Britain. He helped start the band The Morning After and played guitar for Blessed by a Broken Heart and sang lead for Close Your Eyes for a short time.

After posting song covers on TikTok during the first UK lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, he became well-known. His music has elements of rock music, pop music, alternative rock, and metalcore. His singing and falsetto have been praised.

There have been a lot of speculations about Sam Ryder being gay. So is Sam Ryder really gay? Or these rumors are just baseless? Let’s not waste time and dive straight into the article to find out the truth about Sam Ryder’s sexuality.

Is Sam Ryder Gay?

is sam ryder gay

No, Sam Ryder is not gay. When it comes to Sam Ryder’s sexuality, there’s been plenty of speculation flying around. But the truth is, the singer hasn’t really talked about it openly in any public interviews or on his social media accounts.

However, here’s something interesting to consider: Sam Ryder is actually in a long-term relationship with his partner, Lois Gaskin-Barber. Now, We don’t want to jump to conclusions or invade anyone’s privacy, but having a committed and loving relationship with a woman does seem to indicate that he’s not gay.

We should always respect people’s privacy and allow them to share or not share their personal lives as they see fit. In this case, though, it seems like Sam Ryder’s partnership with Lois Gaskin-Barber offers a pretty solid indication of his heterosexual orientation.

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Who Is Sam Ryder Dating?

is sam ryder gay

Sam is currently dating Lois Gaskin-Barber according to METRO. She calls herself a “multidimensional creative” in her social media bio. Together, they ran the Lone Wolves Organic juice bar in Coggeshall, Essex, from 2017 to 2019, then they closed it.

Lois seems to be carrying on the Lone Wolves brand by using the name Lone Wolves Creative on social media and selling handmade jewelry. When it comes to their personal lives, the two have stayed out of the public eye for the most part.

But in one of Lois’s Instagram posts, she says that they’ve been friends “from our teens to our 30s,” which sounds like they’ve known each other for a while.

From another post she made on Instagram, it looks like the pair began dating on October 4, 2011: Today, nine years ago, I finally gave in and said, “Yes, let’s see how this goes.” At the time, we were two stupid young people. The greatest idea ever.’

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Sam Ryder Releases ‘Fought & Lost’ Featuring Brian May

Brian May of Queen is featured on a new song by British musician Sam Ryder. In the song “Fought & Lost,” May plays a guitar solo, and Ryder’s voice sounds a lot like that of the late Queen singer Freddie Mercury.

“Some of you know what this is,” May wrote on Instagram. “But I’d like the rest of you to think for half a minute about who you’re listening to on this new track that sounds so good… and what it could be trying to tell us.”

“Lost & Found” might sound familiar to people who watch Ted Lasso on Apple TV. The song was in the third season’s penultimate show, which just came out.

“This song is for people who want to find hope and keep their faith. Ryder says, “They are the ones who keep the dream alive and don’t let setbacks, almosts, falls, and mistakes put out the fire.

“This is a song for those who are down but never out. It shouldn’t be sung with cold eyes, mumbled words, and a quiet voice. Instead, it should be belted to the sky as if it came from the soul itself…for failure looms in that brief moment before life’s magic is made.”