Is Sarah Jones Pregnant? Harry Styles’ Drummer is Pregnant Again?

Is Sarah Jones Pregnant? If you are a true fan of Harry Styles, there’s no way you don’t know about Sarah Jones. Sarah Jones is a bandmate of the Harry Styles who worked as the lead drummer for the global star. To give a brief introduction of her, Sarah Jones is a drummer, vocalist, and songwriter.

Recently, rumors of her being pregnant have submerged the social media like a flood. The prime source of the rumors remains unknown. But here’s all you need to know about Sarah Jones’ pregnancy. Keep reading the article toll the end to debunk the rumor stating that Sarah Jones is pregnant.

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Is Sarah Jones Pregnant?

is sarah jones pregnant


No, Sarah Jones is not pregnant. Not at least right now. There are no sources available to confirm the rumor and hence it stands baseless.

We have conducted a thorough research on the rumor and the prime source of the rumor or the reason the rumor started also remains disclosed. Additionally, Sarah Jones has not yet addresses the rumors.

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Who Is Sarah Jones Dating?

is sarah jones pregnant

Sarah Jones is dating guitarist Mitch Rowland. What a match made in heaven! This also shows how deep the roots of relation of Sarah Jones with Harry Styles‘ team goes. It is definitely beyond the professional lines and our drummer girl found her ‘forever home’ in the band’s guitarist, Mitch Rowland.

The couple got unwavering attention in 2021 when they announced their pregnancy. The relationship the two had was a mini secret between the band members and the team. However, according to Drum! the announcement of Sarah Jones’ pregnancy in 2021 made fans melt over their relationship. However, no further information about their first child or suspected second pregnancy are available to the public.

We wish them the very best and somewhere hope that this rumor is actually true.