Is Sarah Millican Pregnant? Sudden Weight Gain Spark Rumors

Is Sarah Millican Pregnant? Sarah Millican is a stand-up comedian who has made people roll on the floor, clutching their stomachs and gasping for air because of laughing too much. The star has recently made her fans super happy with the news of her tour being extended with a date in ‘Doncaster’.

However, another thing that has resulted in her fans throwing parties and being happy for her is her pregnancy news. But wait a minute, is it confirmed? Are these just some rumors started by people? Is it a prank?

Keep reading the article to know more about Sarah Millican’s pregnancy being a hoax or a truth we did not expect but would welcome with open arms.

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Is Sarah Millican Pregnant?

is sarah millican pregnant

No, Sarah Millican is not pregnant. The rumors regarding her pregnancy began with her recent photographs where she looks a little healthier. Sarah’s followers mistook her recent weight gain to be her pregnancy.

No credible sources suggest or indicate that the stand-up comedian is expecting a child or even planning to do so in the near future. It may also be noted that Sarah Millican has previously spoken about her decision not to have kids in the future. The comedian has revealed that she has never felt maternal.

In Graham Norton Show, she revealed that she had an experience with a baby doll at the tender age of eight and that made her apprehensive about giving birth. The idea as a whole just made her feel uncomfortable.

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Sarah Millican Weight Gain

is sarah millican pregnant

In her recent public appearance at The Chase, Sarah Millican has revealed to have undergone weight gain. The comedian has been suffering from weight problems for a long time and even took firm steps to reduce her weight. However, it is happening again and the star is gaining weight once again.

The celebrity opened up about her weight gain problems and struggles with her body image in 2012. The main factor behind her weight problems is stress. She even opened up about how she was dealing with it and how she plans to work on her physical and mental health.

However, given the scenario now, it is important to understand that we need to respect t the celebrity’s personal life choices and need to avoid body shaming. Sarah Millican has an exceptional stage presence regardless of her body size or weight and we wish the star the best.