Is Selena Gomez Single? Analysis of The Rumors Surrounding a Possible Romantic Connection!!

Is Selena Gomez Single?  When it comes to possible celebrity couples, this is one we can definitely be excited about. And Selena Gomez might feel the same way too, because she subtly responded to rumors that she’s dating Jeremy Allen White.

These rumors started with an anonymous message to a celebrity gossip source called Deux Moi. The message said: 

“A famous actor who recently got separated and even won a Golden Globe for their TV show’s second season is back to dating. He met this really famous singer and actress during a photo shoot for Vanity Fair. They’ve been in contact since she came back to the US after filming in another country.” 

The TV show they’re talking about is probably “The Bear,” whose second season just premiered on Hulu. The famous singer and actress? Well, if you search for “famous singer-actress,” Selena Gomez is the first name that comes up. She also had been working on a movie in Paris not long ago. So, what do we think? Selena Gomez seems to have something to say about all of this.

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Is Selena Gomez Single? The Rumors Surrounding the Relationship Status of Both of Them!!

is selena gomez single

Selena Gomez is single and not dating anyone. Firstly, Jeremy Allen White and Selena Gomez are not dating each other. Recently, a story came out in the Daily Mail saying that Selena Gomez might be dating Jeremy Allen White from the show ‘The Bear.’ This rumor started when an Instagram account called DeuxMoi, which shares celebrity gossip, posted an anonymous message on June 28. 

People thought the message could be about Gomez and White because they both appeared in Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue earlier this year. 

Also, Gomez had just come back from Paris, where she had been working on a movie for two months. White had also recently ended his marriage with Addison Timlin, who asked for a divorce in May.

But Selena Gomez found a way to stop this rumor. She got help from the Haim sisters. Selena Gomez shared a post where she was seen laughing with Nicola Peltz Beckham last Saturday. 

This was just two days after the “Mail” published a story about Gomez and White being in a rumored relationship. We can’t be sure if the video was a direct response to the story, but earlier in the week, the Haim sisters made it clear that Gomez was not in a relationship. 

This kind of made the “Mail” report about Gomez and White dating seem a bit silly and funny. The Haim sisters shared pictures from Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July party, which Selena Gomez also attended. In the caption, they wrote “single summer.”

This happened before the DeuxMoi rumor started. However, on June 12, Gomez also uploaded a TikTok video where she jokingly addressed all the rumors about her on the internet. She captioned the video with the words “To everyone from me,” and in the video, she lip-synced to the line:

“Have you ever heard a rumor about yourself and actually wanted to hear more, like damn!”

Gomez mentioned being single in a social media post on June 8 as well. Later, she made the news for unfollowing Zayn Malik, who was rumored to be a romantic interest, on June 28.

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The Most Gossiped Pair: Tracing the Relationship Journey of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!!

is selena gomez single

Justin Bieber and Selena were seen eating pancakes at IHOP in 2010. Selena tried to stop rumors by saying it was just pancakes. They spent the next years dealing with breakup rumors and going to events together, like Katy Perry’s movie premiere.

Their relationship had ups and downs, and in May 2013, they kissed at the Billboard Music Awards. Taylor Swift didn’t look happy when she saw them kiss.

Even though Selena’s friends didn’t really like it, they kept dating on and off until April 2014. They had a fight at Coachella because Selena saw pictures of Kylie Jenner on Justin’s phone. They broke up for a short time.

There were stories that Selena and Orlando got together to make Miranda Kerr and Justin jealous. People said they flirted at a fashion show.

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Selena and Orlando both said they weren’t dating, even though they were seen hanging out after a Chelsea Handler show. A bit later, Justin showed everyone they were back together with a black-and-white picture that said, “Our love is Unconditional.”

Then, a month later, Orlando punched Justin in Ibiza. After that, Justin put up a picture of Miranda on Instagram, but he took it down later.

Selena and Justin stayed together until October. News stories said that Justin’s secret meetings with Kendall Jenner caused their breakup.