Is Shakira Going To Jail For Tax Fraud After Her Pending Trials?

Shakira was reportedly facing jail time in Spain in July, according to a number of media publications, for alleged tax fraud. A judge in Barcelona has now given the all-ahead for her case to go to trial, where she will be tried on six counts of tax fraud. Shakira was accused of tax cheating by Spanish authorities back in 2018. 

They said that the singer had missed paying more than €14.5 million ($16 million) in taxes on revenue she received between 2012 and 2014. Shakira vehemently refuted the accusations made by the prosecutors. Her case revolved around the location of her residence from 2012 to 2014: Spanish authorities claimed that even though the singer claimed to have lived in the Bahamas while claiming to have lived in Spain at that time.

After Shakira’s attorneys said that the singer would not accept a plea bargain from prosecutors to end claims that she misled Spain’s government, the case gained momentum throughout the summer. According to Reuters, if Shakira were found guilty, a Spanish prosecutor would ask for an eight-year prison sentence and a fine of more than $23 million. In a recent Elle interview Shakira responded to the charges and referred to them as “fake accusations.”

Shakira: Who Is She? What Is Her Net Worth In 2023?

Nidia Ripoll and William Mebarak Chadid welcomed Shakira into the world on February 2, 1977, in Barranquilla, Colombia as Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. She has always had a creative bent, and at the age of four, she began composing poetry. She also enjoyed dancing.

The remarkable dance moves Shakira displayed in the music video for her song “Hips Don’t Lie” have made her a highly popular pop star in Colombia. Over 70 million albums have been sold globally by her. Shakira has had a lifelong passion for music, and at the age of four, she composed her very first poem. She started dancing at a young age.

is shakira going to jail

Shakira is a very popular singer from Columbia who has accomplished a lot in her career. She is the most well-known vocalist in the world and has a sizable fan base. As of February 2023, Shakira Has An Estimated Net Worth of $300 Million. This is the consequence of her perseverance, hard work, and success in a variety of fields, including music, business, real estate, and philanthropy.

Is Shakira Going To Jail?

For the time being, Shakira is a free woman. Shakira’s trial has not yet been scheduled for a date. However, fans began superimposing audios of Shakira singing with images of her being imprisoned on TikTok, which greatly exacerbated the confusion:

“Omg y’all Shakira’s singing in her cell again peridot” 

“Girl yes. Shakira is giving our jail a free concert”

“Gurl cell 3A got front row they’re so lucky”

“She’s singing She Wolf y’all she’ll break free” 

These humorous films going viral are just propagating false information.

is shakira going to jail

Shakira’s representatives have insisted that she has always complied with her tax obligations and that the claims are “a total violation of her rights.” They have also stated that Shakira has always cooperated and followed the law, exhibiting excellent behavior as a person and taxpayer.

However, Barcelona prosecutors continue to assert that the singer should be required to pay taxes to Spain because she spent more than half of each of the years 2012 and 2014 there.