Is Shannon Hogan Pregnant? Shannon Hogan’s Possible Pregnancy Revealed!

Is Shannon Hogan pregnant? Shannon Hogan is a familiar face to fans of New York Islanders telecasts on MSG Networks.

With an impressive career that includes stints at Fox Sports Detroit and accolades like a Michigan Emmy Award, Hogan has become a respected figure in sports broadcasting.

Her coverage extends beyond hockey, encompassing major events like the US Open, World Series, Winter Classic, and Stanley Cup Playoffs.

A former competitive swimmer, Hogan’s journey from the pool to the broadcast booth showcases her passion for sports. Beyond the camera lights, she embraces family time, often exploring the world with her family.

Amidst the buzz on the internet, speculations about Shannon Hogan’s pregnancy have surfaced. Curious to know if there’s truth to these rumors? Keep reading to uncover the reality behind the alleged pregnancy.

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Is Shannon Hogan Pregnant?

is shannon hogan pregnant

No, Shannon Hogan is not pregnant. Rumors have been swirling around the internet suggesting that Shannon Hogan might be pregnant, but let’s set the record straight – those rumors are just baseless.

There’s not a shred of evidence to support the claim, and a quick scroll through her latest Instagram posts reveals no telltale signs of a baby bump.

In fact, far from being pregnant, Hogan shared the joyous news earlier this year that she welcomed her second child, Ciaran Broughan Gorey, on April 26th.

Her Instagram post celebrated the new addition to the family, with big sister Niamh enthusiastically welcoming the newest member.

Considering that she gave birth just seven months ago, it’s safe to say that the speculations about another pregnancy are simply unfounded.

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Who Is Shannon Hogan Married To?

is shannon hogan pregnant

Shannon Hogan is happily married to her husband Brendan Gorey. He is an American football player renowned for his time with the Stonehill College Skyhawks.

A proud 2006 graduate of West Islip High School, Gorey made his mark on the field in 2007, scoring his first collegiate point with an extra kick in the 56-7 triumph over St. Anselm.

Before their journey down the wedding aisle, Shannon and Brendan shared years of companionship. Fast forward to today, the couple has not only solidified their marital bond but has also embarked on the adventure of parenthood.

Blessed with two adorable children, a daughter named Niamh and a son named Ciaran Broughan Gorey, Shannon, and Brendan continue to score big in the game of life together.