Is Shiv Pregnant in Succession Season 4? Who Is the Father of Shiv’s Baby?

Several viewers of Sarah Snook’s critically praised HBO series Succession were left wondering if her character Shiv was pregnant after she showed off her baby belly at a premiere.

Succession, which debuted in June 2018, is about the wealthy Roy family, who run a multinational media and entertainment company known as Waystar RoyCo. Before Succession begins, the fate of the company is uncertain since its aging patriarch, Logan Roy, is having health problems that have investors doubting his ability to manage.

His four grown children, Kendall, Roman, Shiv, and Connor, have wasted no time in offering their views on who should succeed their father as CEO. Shiv’s marriage to Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) becomes tenser throughout the comedic drama as the couple struggles to have a child.

A surprise pregnancy would undoubtedly throw a wrench into Shiv’s professional aspirations and the plans she and Tom had for ending their marriage symbolically at the beginning of season four.

Is Shiv Pregnant?

is shiv pregnant

Yes, Shiv is Pregnant in HBO Series Succession. The opening sequence of Season 4 Episode 4 (“Honeymoon States”), which aired on April 16, 2023, confirmed this to be the case. A depressed Shiv accepts a call from her doctor the day after the tragic death of her father, Logan, which has shaken the Roy family and their firm, WayStar RoyCo.

No bleeding or spotting has occurred, and her “next scan” isn’t scheduled until she’s 20 weeks along, so it appears that her pregnancy is still in its early stages. She doesn’t look particularly enthusiastic either, though she may still be reeling from the loss of her father.

Earlier in season 4, there were a few situations that made viewers wonder if she was. In the second episode, titled “Rehearsal,” Connor and Willa are having their rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding.

In honor of the occasion, the Roy children have decided to muster up the necessary amount of Dutch courage and go to a karaoke bar. Shiv laughs about ordering a “house red, Should I dare?” before settling on a non-alcoholic “club soda with a sealed top, nothing from that tainted nozzle” when the group is out at a pub.

One of the indicators of pregnancy is turning down drinks, but Shiv also seemed to have a lot of work on her mind. Nonetheless, we can’t help but think there are no coincidences in Hollywood. Fans have wondered who Roy-Wambsgans might have fathered before, so this isn’t the first time they’ve done it.

Shiv’s mother Caroline Collingwood implied that her daughter would be a bad mother, prompting Shiv to have vindictive sex with her husband in the season three finale. The next morning, the couple talks about their intentions for Shiv’s stored eggs and their future fertility. In the season three finale, Tom betrays Shiv by tipping off Logan, causing her hand to go to her stomach.

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Who Is the Father of Shiv’s Baby?

is shiv pregnant

If Shiv has a child, who is the father? It’s likely Tom, but that’s up for debate. At the end of “Honeymoon States,” Shiv takes a spill in her family’s opulent Upper East Side townhouse as her grieving relatives, friends, and WayStar executives speculate about who will succeed Logan as CEO. The first three months of pregnancy are the most crucial.

She initially refuses Tom, her weird husband, when he offers to help her get up, but eventually gives in because she has a real baby as a result of their supposedly unsuccessful marriage. That’s what we think, anyway. Even if everyone thinks Tom is the father, she could have had an affair with someone else during their time apart.

Tom and Shiv had spoken about starting a family before. Tom admits he gets “most horny” when Shiv is “most fertile” in Season 3, Episode 5 under the prospect of imprisonment for the atrocities WayStar RoyCo has perpetrated. She questions how he knows the phase of her cycle, and she doesn’t appear overly enthusiastic about the prospect of being pregnant. “Are you maintaining a black book?”

Keeping an eye on the moon to choose the best time to procreate with me? she says angrily. He retorts, “Nah, I just tallied the days on my iCal.” It’s not weird, he says; “I’ve got like six more ovulation windows till all sex is prison sex.” He goes on to say that a child would “keep you company” in prison.

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Is Shiv Pregnant in Real Life?

is shiv pregnant

Actually, Shiv Roy’s pregnancy is only a plot point in the show. Actress Sarah Snook, who plays Shiv, is not actually expecting a child.

Succession The pregnancy of Shiv Roy has been a big topic of discussion among “Succession” viewers. Many are wondering if she would continue to pursue her political goals and how her pregnancy will affect her role in the family’s media empire.