Is Sonia Kruger Pregnant? Speculations Surrounding the Popular Tv Host’s Possible Baby Bump!!

Is Sonia Kruger Pregnant? Sonia Kruger is a famous TV presenter from Queensland, Australia. She’s currently hosting The Voice Australia, but she first became well-known as an actress in the movie Strictly Ballroom, where she played the character Tina Sparkle in 1992.

Apart from that, Sonia has hosted shows like Dancing with the Stars (the Australian version), Today Extra, and Holey Moley. 

Surprisingly, she also hosted the 2020 Olympics event. She’s undoubtedly one of the most celebrated and popular TV personalities in Australia. On the other hand, Sonia has faced criticism for her comments about immigrants and Muslims in the past.

Recently, she talked about her work pressure after some controversy regarding the Gold Logie. But leaving all that aside, her fans are now wondering if Sonia Kruger might be pregnant. She’s close to 60, so this rumor is causing a lot of discussion on the internet. What’s your opinion?

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Is Sonia Kruger Pregnant? All You Need to Know About the Exciting Rumors!!

is sonia kruger pregnant

No, Sonia Kruger is not pregnant right now in 2023. In simpler terms, the host of Big Brother Australia isn’t going to have a second child. 

It’s a bit puzzling why people started talking about her being pregnant because she doesn’t look like she has a baby bump, and she’s in good health.

When it comes to Sonia Kruger’s pregnancy, it’s important to know that she and her partner, Craig McPherson, always wanted to have children. 

Recently, she talked about how they used a special method called IVF to try to have a baby. They tried for many years and eventually had a baby with the help of a medical procedure called hysteroscopy and a donor egg. 

This happened around 2015, and Sonia Kruger gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Maggie. When Sonia Kruger shared the news of her pregnancy, she was already 48 years old, which made it quite a challenging journey for her. 

She also gave thanks to a fertility expert in Australia, Dr. Lynn Burmeister, for helping her through this process.

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Sonia Kruger’s Age: Discover How Many Years the TV Host Has Celebrated!!

is sonia kruger pregnant

Sonia Kruger is currently 58 years old. It’s important to remember that age doesn’t determine whether someone can have a baby or not. However, Sonia and her partner, Craig, haven’t mentioned that they want to have more children.

Today, Sonia Kruger is a happy mom to her daughter, Maggie. Let’s send lots of love to her. We think Sonia is not only a great TV host but also a wonderful mother!!