Is Sophie Ellis Bextor Pregnant? Is Baby Number 6 on The Board for the Singer?

Is Sophie Ellis Bextor pregnant? The English singer and songwriter Sophie Ellis-Bextor rose to fame as the lead vocalist of the indie rock band Theaudience in the late 1990s.

Ellis-Bextor went solo after the group split, and he started to find popularity in the early 2000s. Pop, disco, nu-disco, and electronic music from the 1980s are all inspirations in her work.

The 44-year-old singer has been in the news since turning on the lights at Blackpool Illuminations, and as a result, there are online rumors that Sophie Ellis Bextor is expecting a child.

So is Sophie Ellis-Bextor indeed expecting a child? Or are these rumors simply untrue? Let’s read the article straight away to get the truth regarding the singer’s pregnant situation.

Is Sophie Ellis Bextor Pregnant?

is sophie ellis bextor pregnant

No, Sophie Ellis Bextor is not pregnant. Sophie Ellis Bextor is definitely not pregnant, despite the recent rumors circulating about her.

These speculations likely sprouted from an Instagram post she shared after illuminating Blackpool Illuminations.

In the post, Sophie looked stunning in a black dress, with her hand resting on her stomach. Some folks misinterpreted this gesture as an attempt to conceal a pregnancy from the public eye.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sophie has always been quite open about her personal life, and when you peruse her other photos, it’s evident that she doesn’t sport any noticeable baby bump.

So, rest assured, there’s no baby on the way for Sophie at the moment.

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Exploring Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Family

is sophie ellis bextor pregnant

Sophie Ellis Bextor has been happily married to her Husband since 2005. Richard Jones is the bass guitarist for The Feeling, whose biggest successes include Fill My Little World.

When Sophie was 24 and Richard was 22, they first met in 2002 while on her Read My Lips album tour. Richard recalled the incident by saying,

“Something kind of smacked us in the face. The chemistry was incredible – it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

Sophie found out she was pregnant after only six weeks of dating, and the pair opted to keep the child. The now 44-year-old has previously expressed the following when discussing the difficult time:

“Our relationship was dramatic early on. We found out we were having a baby when we’d only been dating for six weeks,” Sophie revealed to the Daily Mail.

“Then I gave birth two months early. So, comically, our baby was born when we’d only been going out for eight months.”

Sonny was born prematurely in 2004 and spent his first five weeks in a premature infant unit, weighing only 3 lbs. 8 oz.

Although it might be the “wrong time,” Sophie’s mother, Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis, told her at the time that Sophie was the “right baby.”

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It most certainly was, and the pair wed in Italy in 2005. They are parents to four kids already: Sonny, 13, Kit, 9, Ray, 5, and Jesse, 3.

Mickey, their fifth child, was born in 2019. FaceTime has proven to be a true lifeline for the family, according to working mother Sophie.