Is Stacey Solomon Pregnant? Exploring the Pregnancy Rumors and Speculation Surrounding the Beloved TV Personality!!

Is Stacey Solomon Pregnant? Stacey Solomon is a British singer and TV personality. In 2009, she did really well on The X Factor and came in third place. People loved her singing and her stage presence. The next year, she won I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, which made her really popular.

In 2011, she released a song called “Driving Home for Christmas,” which was a great cover of a classic holiday song. People all over the world liked her unique singing style. In 2015, she put out her first album called Shy, which showed how talented and creative she is.

In 2016, she started working as a presenter on I’m a Celebrity: Extra Camp. This lets her connect with viewers and share behind-the-scenes stuff about the show. She also became part of the panel on the talk show Loose Women, which made the discussions even more interesting.

Because of her journey on The X Factor, her win on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, her music, and her TV work, she’s known as someone with lots of talents. 

With her special voice, fun personality, and many skills, she keeps impressing people in the entertainment world. Keep reading to get to know more about her personal life!!

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Unveiling the Latest Buzz: Is Stacey Solomon Pregnant?

is stacey solomon pregnant

Right now, Stacey Solomon is not expecting a baby. But in December 2022, she surprised everyone by saying she was going to have her fifth child, and it was supposed to come in January 2023. 

She was really happy about it and shared a picture on Instagram, saying that it might be her last pregnancy. Stacey, who is 33 years old, thanked her baby bump for everything.

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When Did Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash Begin Their Romantic Journey? A Look Back at the Start of Their Relationship!!

is stacey solomon pregnant

Joe and Stacey have been a couple since 2016, but they kept it private at first. Later, they began to talk about their relationship and shared it with their fans. They even moved in together and got to know each other’s kids.

People started thinking they were dating in January 2016 when Stacey posted a picture of herself on a spa weekend and said she felt like a ‘new woman.’ A few days later, she was seen walking with Joe in Essex.

In that same month, Stacey made it official on Instagram by sharing a picture of her new boyfriend with some flowers.

In May 2019, Stacey hinted that she might have secretly married Joe when she called him her ‘husband’ while she was on the show ‘Loose Women.’

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Family Matters: How Many Children Complete Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash’s Family?

is stacey solomon pregnant

Stacey Solomon became a mom in 2008 when she had her son Zachary with her then-boyfriend Dean Cox. In 2012, she had her second son, Leighton, with her ex-fiancé, Aaron Barnham. 

Then, in 2019, she and TV personality Joe Swash welcomed their son Rex. On her 32nd birthday in 2021, she surprised everyone by announcing the birth of her daughter, Rose.

Stacey and Joe got engaged in December 2020 and married in July 2022. Stacey is also a stepmom to Joe’s son from a previous relationship.

In December 2022, she shared that she was eight months pregnant with her fifth child, the third with Joe. In February 2023, they had a daughter named Belle, adding to their loving family.