Is Storm Pregnant Again 2023? Exploring the Ongoing Rumors Surrounding the Pregnancy Status!!

Is Storm Pregnant Again 2023? Storm Huntley is a TV presenter from Scotland, but she lives in London now. She’s most famous for co-hosting a show called Jeremy Vine on Channel 5.

She was born in Glasgow and went to school in Bishopbriggs. Then, she went to the University of Glasgow and got a degree in Politics and Economics.

After that, she moved to London to try her luck in the entertainment industry, and she has been doing really well in her career ever since.

Today in this article, we will look closely into the personal life of Storm. And we will provide you with the answer to the latest rumor about her pregnancy.

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Is Storm Pregnant Again 2023? Is Storm Huntley Expecting Another Child?

is storm pregnant again 2023

No, Storm is not pregnant again in 2023. Glasgow presenter Storm Huntley stood up to someone who made a rude comment about her body. She posted a picture of what she was wearing that day on her social media.

But later, she showed her followers a message she got from someone that was too personal. They asked her if she was pregnant again. She wanted to know when it became okay for people to ask such things.

“Since when did this become acceptable? I am not pregnant but it’s fabulous to know I look it.”

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Storm Huntley Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Challenges!!

is storm pregnant again 2023

The Scottish TV star and her husband, Kerr Okan, who is the frontman of the band LaFontaines, welcomed their baby named Otis last summer. 

However, Storm’s journey through motherhood had its challenges, especially during the first three months of pregnancy when she was frequently experiencing vomiting.

On her new podcast, “Mums in the Making,” where she co-hosts with writer Rachael Fulton, Storm shared her pregnancy experience:

“I was one of those people where the first trimester was completely grim for me in terms of sickness. Both feeling sick and being sick quite a lot of the time.”

“I was up at 5 a.m. and it was terrible. I ended up having to tell my employer at six weeks purely because I didn’t want someone catching me spewing in the toilet and saying ‘Storm has been on a bender and came straight to work.’”

“No, ‘Storm is growing a human and feeling absolutely rancid.’ Sympathy please.”

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Meet Storm Huntley’s Husband: Kerr Okan of The La Fontaines!!

is storm pregnant again 2023

Storm Huntley’s husband is Kerr Okan, and he’s a singer in the Scottish rock band called The LaFontaines. They’re known for songs like “King” and “All In.” The couple got married in a lovely ceremony at Loch Lomond. They had gotten engaged the year before.

According to The Sun, another TV presenter named Carol Smillie officiated their wedding. The wedding had been delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before their wedding, Kerr had mentioned that he was actually looking forward to having a more private and small-scale celebration.

“I still think we’ll get married this year but I think it will be much more of a low-key affair. To be honest that’s probably what we would have done anyway, not a big hoorah, but I certainly think we would have had a party. I’ll just push the party down the road.”

Because Kerr Okan had performed in front of large crowds of music fans, and Storm had a busy career in TV, he thought it would be “nice” to have a simpler and more intimate wedding day.

“Storm is on TV every day and I’m quite used to having a crowd, so it will be quite nice to not have that. It’ll be nice to be just us.”